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Welcome to the homepage of Radio Free D’ni. You will find here both our current announcements and our past playlists. Our links to the music stream are at the top, just above this post.

Generally speaking, we present a show every other week, at 1300 KI time. We have pre-show music usually starting 40 minutes earlier (so getting on the stream at 12:20 KI time might be a good idea), and also a good bit of music after the show proper.

See you in the Cavern

13:00 KI is 8 pm in the UK, 9 pm in CET. KI time is Mountain Time in the US, and it follows DST… I can only assume that when Victor Laxman got the KI’s working again he synch’d them to surface time in New Mexico…


86 Valentine’s Day

A fine romantic evening’s entertainment was shared with up to 29 listeners at one point.

Preshow from my stash again, some Little Feat, Swarbrick/Carthy, The Melrose Quartet with a fine piece of anti-war sentiment, composed by Carthy, and after that some Michael Chapman, with added Mick Ronson and Rick Kemp.

The show walked the listener through an affair, from first meeting to a Valentine, a slow dance, and a look at the future.

Postshow we had some of the tracks that just didn’t quite make the cut, from Bryan Ferry’s Slave To Love (another meet-up and falling in love song), Under The Boardwalk and Wouldn’t It Be Nice (getting to know each other) and some steamy stuff, Body Talk and Feel Like Makin’ Love. Finally, Paxton’s Outward Bound sees the couple heading off on a life’s voyage.


Title Artists Album Year
Teenage Warrior Little Feat Representing the Mambo 1990
Representing the Mambo Little Feat Representing the Mambo 1990
Carthy’s March – The Lemon Tree Martin Carthy and Dave Swarbrick Life and Limb 1990
Dominion of the Sword Melrose Quartet Dominion 2017
Rainmaker Michael Chapman Rainmaker 1969
Naked Ladies & Electric Ragtime Michael Chapman Fully Qualified Survivor 1970
Stranger In The Room Michael Chapman Fully Qualified Survivor 1970

The Show

Meeting Up

           Meeting Up
Dancing in the City Marshall Hain Free Ride 1978
           Getting to know them
Groovin’ Rascals Groovin’ 1967
          Falling for them
Close To You The Carpenters Close To You 1970
Baby Blue The Beach Boys L.A. (Light Album) 1979
Man in Love Eric Clapton Money and Cigarettes 1983
You Got It Roy Orbison Mystery Girl 1989
          This could be love
In My Life The Beatles Rubber Soul 1965
When A Man Loves A Woman Percy Sledge single 1966
Your Love Is King Sade Diamond Life 1984
Cuddle Up The Beach Boys Carl & The Passions – So Tough 1972
Feeling In Love J.J. Cale Number 10 1992
Slip On Through The Beach Boys Sunflower 1970
          Valentine’s Day
Love Me Tender Elvis Presley Elvis 1956
Harvest Moon Neil Young Harvest Moon 1992
Hello Lionel Richie Can’t Slow Down 1983
How Can I Tell You Cat Stevens Teaser And The Firecat 1971
Sunny Georgie Fame Sound Venture 1966
I Just Wanna Be With You Chris Rea The Road To Hell 1989
More Than Anything In This World Lenny Kravitz Mama Said 1991
You Matter To Me Peter Criss Peter Criss 1978
Love On the Air David Gilmour About Face 1984
          Slow dance together
Albatross Fleetwood Mac single 1968
Hip Hug-Her Booker T. and the M.G.’s Hip Hug-Her 1967
I’m Not In Love 10cc The Original Soundtrack 1975
Nights In White Satin The Moody Blues single 1967
          and what may come next
Midnight at the Oasis Maria Muldaur Maria Muldaur 1973
Kissin’ And A Huggin’ Joan Armatrading Show Some Emotion 1977
          Facing the future together
We’ve Only Just Begun The Carpenters Close To You 1970


Slave To Love Bryan Ferry Boys and Girls 1985
No More Lonely Nights Paul McCartney Give My Regards to Broad Street 1984
Under the Boardwalk The Drifters The Drifters 1964
Wouldn’t It Be Nice The Beach Boys The Beach Boys In Concert 1973
My Kind Of Lady Supertramp Famous Last Words 1982
Body Talk Imagination Body Talk 1981
Feel Like Makin’ Love Bad Company Straight Shooter 1975
Outward Bound Tom Paxton Outward Bound 1966

A list of all our shows

Follow the hyperlink on each show name to see the playlist and comments for that show.

Date Show
20140817 1 Introductions
20140831 2 History of Supertramp
20140914 3 Good Old Brit Prog (part 1)
20140928 4 Jazz on a Clear Day
20141012 5 History of AC/DC
20141026 6 Alex Harvey
20141109 7 Goren’s Andrew Bird show
20141123 8 Britprog 2, Caravan
20141207 9 Vocalese and etc
20141221 10 Christmas Show
20150111 11 Doors
20150125 12 Rarities and What-ifs 1
20150208 13 MOULa 5th Anniversary
20150223 14 The Doobie Brothers
20150308 15 A History of ZZ Top
20150322 16 Britprog 4, The Yes-No interlude, Maybe
20150405 17 Rarities and What-ifs 2
20150419 18 Boywhith’s Funny and Strange
20150517 19 Celebration 1
20150531 20 Rock Humour
20150614 21 Rarities and What-Ifs – Show 3
20150628 22 Prog Folk
20150712 23 A History of Rush Part 1
20150726 24 A History of Rush Part 2
20150823 25 RFD Anniversary 1
20150906 26 RaWI 4
20150920 27 Bass Instincts
20151004 28 Passport
20151018 29 Tangerine Dream
20151101 30 Britprog 3, Canterbury Scene
20151115 31 A History of KISS
20151129 32 Theme Tunes
20151213 33 A History of Jethro Tull
20160110 34 Return to Bass
20160124 35 Bowie
20160207 36 Enya
20160208 MOULa 6th Anniversary 2016
20160221 37 Vangelis, by Janeerah
20160306 38 Long Songs
20160320 39 Keith Emerson
20160403 40 Much…Later
20160417 41 Long Songs 2
20160501 42 Pink Floyd part 1
20160515 43 Anticipating Obduction
20160529 44 RaWI 5
20160612 45 Themes 2
20160626 46 Pink Floyd Pt.2
20160710 47 Road Songs
20160724 48 Connections 1 The Clapton Complex
21060807 49 RFD Anniversary 2
20160821 50 Gold
20160904 51 Electric Folk 2 – the Unusual Suspects
20160918 52 On The Road Again
20161002 53 Rarities and What-If’s 6
20161016 54 By The Book
20161113 55 Covered Up
 20161127 56 Difficult Times
20161211 57 Not Your Average Christmas Music
20170108 58 A Bad Year for Good Music, part 1
20170122 59 Connections Part 2
20170204 MOULa 7th Anniversary – The D’ni Music Show
20170205 60 Playing The Game
20170219 61 One-Hit Wonders
20170305 62 No Fillers 1
20170308 International Women’s Day 2017
20170317 Saint Patrick’s Day 2017
20170319 63 Covered Up 2
20170331 Magic Kadish light show, Spring 2017
20170402 64 A Bad Year for Good Music 2 : Robert Stigwood
20170422 Earth Day 2017
20170416 65 A Bad Year for Good Music 3: Dave Swarbrick
20170430 66 Songs That Get Under Your Skin
20170514 67 Unexpected Instrumentals
20170528 68 A Bad Year for Good Music 4: George Martin
20170611 69 A History of Creedence Clearwater Revival
20170625 70 Girls…
20170709 71 No Fillers 2: No More Fillers Any More
20170723 72 Gentle Giant
20170806 73 Rock Humour 2: Turned Up To 11!
20170820 74  3rd Anniversary Review
20170903 75 Diamonds and Ice
20170917 76 Let’s Eat – Breakfast
20171001 77 A History of Pink Floyd – part III
20171015 78 Lazy Days I
20171029 79 Turn It Up!
20171112 80 Biting The Hand That Feeds You
20171126 81 By The Book, Chapter 2
 20171210 82 Un-Covered
 20180107 83 Lost in 2017
20180121 84 Have a Drink On Us
20180204 85 MOULa 8th Anniversary
20180218 86 Valentine’s Day
87 Boys…


A V-Day Show!

Yes, yes, it’s a few days late, but we will have our Valentine’s Day show on Sunday at the usual time, at the usual place.

See you in the Cavern,

85 MOULa 8th Anniversary

For the 8th anniversary, we put together a program including soundtrack music from Uru and other Cyan games, some of the cavern’s favourite musicians, and from explorers who are also musicians. I have included links to the explorers band’s websites where known. We had record-breaking audience figures, due entirely to the assiduous advertising of the anniversary event by Minasunda, and also due to us following the opening ceremony, explorer memorial and NULP dance troupe events. We held on to the audience you gave us, guys, so I’m happy with that.

Links to the explorer-artists:

Jet Blast
Turjan (Alain Pachins)
as Aylahn
Aylahn’s bandcamp
Aylahn’s D’marnah blog
as Cialyn
Edison Rex – Youtube
Edison Res – Radio Spiral
Piboc (Olivier Maurey)


Track Artists Album Year
State Of Independence Jon And Vangelis The Friends of Mr Cairo 1981
The Flat Earth Thomas Dolby The Flat Earth 1984
Break it Down Tony Levin Resonator 2006
Three of a Perfect Pair King Crimson Three of a Perfect Pair 1984
Trailer Music Tim Larkin Uru – Ages Beyond Myst 2003
Great Shaft Tim Larkin Myst V End of Ages 2005
What If I Forget the Champagne Stanley Clarke East River Drive 1993

The Show

Myst Theme Robyn Miller Myst 1998
Solsbury Hill Peter Gabriel Car 1977
Air Stream Tim Larkin Uru – Ages Beyond Myst 2003
Fissure Robyn Miller Riven 1997
Oxygène (Part II) Jean-Michel Jarre Oxygène 1976
The Gold Bug The Alan Parsons Project The Instrumental Works 1988
Equinoxe Part 7 Jean Michel Jarre Equinoxe 1978
Présages Jet Blast Premier impact 2014
Plans for J.D. Bill Bruford Gradually Going Tornado 1980
Like Somebody’s Watchin’ Me Aylahn Striped Circle 2013
Places to Go Tony Levin Resonator 2006
The Great Deceiver King Crimson Starless & Bible Black 1974
Der Friedhof meiner Träume Carom Carom 1994
Helden Carom Carom 1993
Illusion de nuit Jet Blast Premier impact 2014
False Reality Krossfire Learning To Fly 2011
Yoda_Mir_Edison_Lasershow_Apr2014 Paul Harriman
The Light and Form of Ordinary Joy 1st Mvt Paul Harriman For Love or Money 1997
Les cours D’ni de Zoorin et Turjan Olivier Maurey L’Age des Sons 2010


Adrénaline Jet Blast Premier impact 2014
Individual Choice Jean-Luc Ponty Individual Choice 1983
Where’s the Walrus? The Alan Parsons Project The Instrumental Works 1988
Age of Information Bill Bruford Gradually Going Tornado 1980
Périapside CIALYN 2016
Finale Tim Larkin Myst V End of Ages Soundtrack 2005


84 Have a Drink On Us

The first of an occasional series of shows linked by the theme of drink.  A very popular pastime.

The preshow was full of L, namely, Led Zep, Level 42 and Lindisfarne.

The postshow had tracks that we wanted to include in the “Lost in 2017” show, but could not fit in.


Title Artists Album Year
Heartbreaker Led Zeppelin Remasters 1990
Rock And Roll Led Zeppelin Remasters 1990
Running In The Family Level 42 Level Best 1989
Hot Water Level 42 Level Best 1989
Children Say Level 42 Level Best 1989
Road To Kingdom Come Lindisfarne Nicely Out Of Tune 1970
Turn A Deaf Ear Lindisfarne Nicely Out Of Tune 1970
Meet Me On The Corner Lindisfarne Fog On The Tyne 1971

The Show

Have A Drink On Me AC/DC Back In Black 1980
Clink, Clink, Another Drink Spike Jones and his City Slickers single 1942
Send Me No Wine The Moody Blues On the Threshold of a Dream 1969
Winter Wine Caravan In the Land of Grey and Pink 1971
Elderberry Wine Elton John Don’t Shoot Me I’m Only The Piano Player 1972
Water With The Wine Joan Armatrading Joan Armatrading 1976
Wicked Wine Lee Ritenour Feel The Night 1979
What If I Forget the Champagne Stanley Clarke East River Drive 1993
Barrelhouse Shake-Down Emerson, Lake & Palmer Works, Vol. 2 1977
Watkins Ale The York Waits 1588 – Music from the time of the Spanish Armada 1988
Cakes and Ale Maddy Prior/June Tabor No More to the Dance 1988
In Taberna Corvus Corax Mille Anni Passi Sunt 2000
John Barleycorn Traffic John Barleycorn Must Die 1970
Alabama Song The Doors In Concert 1970
Lady Whiskey Wishbone Ash Wishbone Ash 1970
Whisky In The Jar Thin Lizzy single 1972
Cup Of Wonder Jethro Tull Songs From The Wood 1977
Ye Marine’rs All Fairport Convention Tipplers Tales 1978
Chartreuse ZZ Top La Futura 2012
Black Coffee Julie London Around Midnight 1960
Coffee Time André Previn & His Group W Gerry Mulligan The Subterraneans 1960
 Second Cup Of Coffee Gordon Lightfoot Don Quixote 1972
Boston Tea Party The Sensational Alex Harvey Band SAHB Stories 1976
Tea For the Tillerman Cat Stevens Tea For The Tillerman 1970
Teahouse On The Tracks Donald Fagen Kamakiriad 1993


You’re A Lady Peter Skellern You’re A Lady 1972
Atavachron Allan Holdsworth Atavachron 1986
Thief Can Delay 1968 1981
For Ladies Only Steppenwolf For Ladies Only 1971
Tiny Dancer Elton John Madman Across the Water 1971
Silver Machine Hawkwind single 1972

83 Lost in 2017

For the first show of 2018, we looked back at the careers of some of the most notable musicians that had died in 2017. There were a great many, too, so many that we will cover some of them in postshow sections over the next few shows.
We covered sixteen artists, and inevitably had quite a lot to say about each of them, leading to an unusually large overrun. Still, you, the audience, stayed with us – a peak of 22, and 19 for most of the show, a goodly number to start the year on. We had the occasional fluff, but teamwork pulled us through.



Title Artists Album Year
Jessica The Allman Brothers (8) Brothers and Sisters 1973
Metal Fatigue Allan Holdsworth (7) Metal Fatigue 1985
Walking On Air John Wetton (1) Voice Mail 1994
Noir c’est noir Johnny Hallyday (16) La Génération Perdue 1966
Imagination Al Jarreau (3) High Crime 1984
Cotton Tail Lambert, Hendricks & Ross (15) Everybody’s Boppin’ 1959
Tonight I Wanna Cry Keith Urban (13) Be Here 2004
Je suis né dans la rue Johnny Hallyday (16) Que je t’aime 1969


One Step Closer Asia (1) Asia 1982
Caught In The Crossfire John Wetton (1) Caught In The Crossfire 1980
7171 551 (Live in London 1976) Man (2) All’s Well That Ends Well (extended edition) 2014
Romain (Live in London 1976) Man (2) All’s Well That Ends Well (extended edition) 2014
Black And Blues Al Jarreau (3) In London 1985
Rene’s Theme Larry Coryell (4) Spaces 1970
Maybelline Chuck Berry (5) single 1955
My Ding-a-Ling Chuck Berry (5)(5a) The London Chuck Berry Sessions 1972
Freeze Frame J. Geils Band (6) Freeze Frame 1981
Dodgy Boat Allan Holdsworth (7) Wardenclyffe Tower 1992
Road Games Allan Holdsworth (7) Road Games 1983
Midnight Rider The Allman Brothers Band (8) Idlewild South 1970
Melissa The Allman Brothers Band (8) Eat a Peach 1972
Wichita Lineman Glenn Campbell (9) Wichita Lineman 1968
FM Steely Dan (10) A Decade of Steely Dan 1985
Girlfriend Walter Becker (10) 11 Tracks of Whack 1994
Free Fallin’ Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers (11) Full Moon Fever 1989
The Fat Man Fats Domino (12) single 1949
Walking To New Orleans Fats Domino (12) A Lot Of Dominos 1960
The Greatest Discovery Elton John (13) Elton John 1970
Shes Gotta Be Keith Urban (13) Be Here 2004
Get It Hot AC/DC (14)(14a) Highway To Hell 1979
Wheels AC/DC (14)(14a) Black Ice 2008
Centerpiece Lambert, Hendricks & Ross (15) Everybody’s Boppin’ 1959
Souvenirs Souvenirs Johnny Hallyday (16) Hello Johnny 1960
Ma gueule Johnny Hallyday (16) Pavillon de Paris Porte de Pantin 1979
Allumer Le Feu Johnny Hallyday (16) Ce que je sais 1998


Voyage Au Pays Des Vivants Johnny Hallyday (16) Rivière… Ouvre ton lit 1969
Time To Kill UK (1) (7) UK 1978
(Ain’t Nothin’ But a) House Party J. Geils Band (6) Bloodshot 1973
Lucky Henry Walter Becker (10) 11 Tracks of Whack 1994
Toute la musique que j’aime Johnny Hallyday (16) Insolitudes 1973

The featured artists were:

1) John Wetton
2) Deke Leonard
3) Al Jarreau
4) Larry Coryell
5) Chuck Berry
5a) Billy Bland (songwriter)
6) John Geils
7) Allan Holdsworth
8) Gregg Allman
9) Glenn Campbell
10) Walter Bekcer
11) Tom Petty
12) Fats Domino
13) Paul Buckmaster
14) Malcolm Young
14a) AC/DC manager and producer George Young (older brother of Malcolm)
15) Jon Hendricks
16) Johnny Hallyday

Tribute to the Fallen of 2017

Our show on Sunday, January 7th will be a tribute to those great musicians who left us during the last year. Not all of them were well-known, but they all have had a huge impact on the music we hear today. A sad occasion, but we will be celebrating their music.

See you in the Cavern,

82 Un-covered

For a change, sets of tracks that are linked by title only, everything else about them being different.  Once we started looking we found lots of candidates, so there will be more shows on this theme, unless you’d rather we didnt’…

The preshow contained one track excerpted from the main show, Dog Eat Dog by afrobeat legend Fela Kuti – at fifteen minutes it would have eaten into the time too much – and we overran as it was.

The show theme meant we had a wide variety of styles of music, showing off our ecelcticism if nothing else.  Unfortunately, some of the tracks turned out to be poor examples of the musicians talent, which we will try to correct next time.

Postshow was stuff from Mal’s stash, as he put the show together.

This will be the last show in 2017, as our next slot would be on Christmas Eve and we all plan to be busy then.  Have a great time over the holiday, and we’ll see  you on January 7th with a show paying tribute to all those musicians and performers we lost in 2017.


Title Artists Album Year
Living After Midnight Judas Priest Rock Songs [Disc 2] 1980
Dog Eat Dog Fela Kuti Shuffering and Shmiling 1999
All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You Heart Rock Super Stars Vol. 2 1995
I’ll Make Love To You Anytime J.J. Cale 5 1979

The Show

Hard Times AC/DC Rock Or Bust 2014
Hard Times Eric Clapton Journeyman 1989
Hard Times KISS Dynasty 1979
All I Want Is You Emerson, Lake & Palmer Love Beach 1978
All I Want Is You Roxy Music Country Life 1974
Dog Eat Dog Adam And The Ants Kings Of The Wild Frontier 1980
Dog Eat Dog Joni Mitchell Dog Eat Dog 1985
Dog Eat Dog AC/DC Let There Be Rock 1977
Friends The Beach Boys Friends 1968
Friends Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin III 1970
Friends Sandy Denny Who Knows Where The Time Goes 1991
Night Train Jimmy Forrest single 1951
Night Train Steve Winwood Arc Of A Diver 1993
Take The Money And Run Steve Miller Band Fly Like An Eagle 1976
Take The Money And Run Gerry Rafferty Baker Street 1997
Let’s Dance Benny Goodman Ken Burns Jazz Series: Benny Goodman 1939
Let’s Dance Chris Montez single 1962
Let’s Dance David Bowie Let’s Dance 2003
Let’s Dance Chris Rea Dancing With Strangers 1987
Oh Darlin’ The Beach Boys Keepin’ the Summer Alive 1980
Oh Darling Supertramp Breakfast In America 1979
Oh! Darling The Beatles Abbey Road 1969
Eye to Eye Asia Alpha 1983
Eye to Eye Audience The House on the Hill 1971
Time Dennis Wilson Pacific Ocean Blue 1977
Time Carl Wilson Youngblood 1984
Time Hootie & the Blowfish Cracked Rear View 1994
Time John Miles Stranger in the City 1977


Fallen On Hard Times Jethro Tull The Broadsword And The Beast 1982
I’m The Urban Spaceman Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band The Doughnut in Granny’s Greenhouse 1968
Bat Out Of Hell Meat Loaf Bat Out of Hell 1977
Feelin Allright [Live] Joe Cocker Rock Super Stars Vol. 2 1995
Souped Up Ford Rory Gallagher Against The Grain 1975
(Don’t Fear) The Reaper Blue Öyster Cult Agents of Fortune 1976

Announcement – Show 82 – Un-Covered

On Sunday 10th December, Radio Free D’ni will broadcast a show entitled Un-Covered, consisting of sets of tracks that have the same title but that are otherwise completely different. Initially we thought there would be few candidates, but as we dug into this we found lots, and Sundays show will just contain a few of them. Artists featured on Sunday will include AC/DC, Roxy Music, Joni Mitchell, Steve Winwood and David Bowie.

Join us at 8pm UK time (13 KI), Sunday 12th November, on Radio Free D’ni.

Use the links at the top of the page to listen.

In game we will be on the public plaza or in Second Life visit TJ’s Dance Hall where Ainia DaFente will host the rebroadcast into SL.

The direct links still work as well
or and choose Radio Free D’ni…
Or you can plug into your audio player

Show 81: By The Book, Chapter 2

A fine time was had, eventually, despite some difficulties with the handover and a problem with a couple of the tracks.  We still overran a bit, but you stayed with us, which we do appreciate.

Prior to the show, I had streamed music for Xenipher’s race, a CavCon event aimed at raising awareness of the state of cavern finances and encouraging donations.  The race went well, I think (the secret music, which was not revealed beforehand, was the Uru soundtrack by Tim Larkin, and the track titles were clues), and was won by thoekenem.  We only had a few minutes to make a handover, from me to Ed to host the show, and although it went well as far as could be seen (I did not lose the stream), we did lose a lot of listeners.  Most of them came back though, having been warned that this could happen.

On with the motley, then, and a fun-packed show with a bit more chat than usual.  Well, I had the books to write about as well as the tracks…

I did promise during the show to say a bit more about the Mock Turtle.  Alice In Wonderland, if you don’t know already, is slotted into the “nonsense” category by many, but it truth it is much more complicated than that.  The author, Charles Dodgson (Lewis Carroll is a pen-name) was a mathematics don at Oxford (having achieved a Second in Divinity and a First in Mathematics, and been awarded a Fellowship for life, no mean achievement) and contributed important work in the fields of symbolic logic and what is today known as game theory.  The Alice books  are full of logical allusions, as well as literary references and puns.  The original illustrations for the books were done by celebrated illustrator and cartoonist Sir John Tenniel, to Dodgson’s exacting and profuse directions, and should be considered as part of the story.

So, the Mock Turtle is an allusion to a culinary dish called Mock Turtle soup, which is a dish that tries to replicate the taste of green turtle soup using items more easily available.  The main component is a calf’s head, boiled, and the meat recovered for use in the soup, along with oysters and a few other things.  Hence Tenniel, under Dodgson’s instructions, made the Mock Turtle have a turtle’s body and front flippers, but a calf’s head, feet and tail.  A clever visual joke, sadly lost on today’s audience who have no reason to know what Mock Turtle soup is made out of.  The text of the relevant chapter can be found here, and will explain the whole “Fainting in Coils” thing (painting in oils, in case it’s not obvious)

I’ll link to as many helpful pages for the books and songs as I can below.

The Show

Title Artists Album Year Book
Oedipus Rex Tom Lehrer The Remains Of Tom Lehrer [disc 2: Live Performances] 2000 Sophocles, 429 BC
I Am Stretched On Your Grave Abney Park Lost Horizons 2008 Irish poem, C17
Rime Of The Ancient Mariner Iron Maiden Powerslave 1984 Samuel Taylor Coleridge, 1798
Jerusalem Emerson Lake & Palmer Brain Salad Surgery 1973 William Blake, 1804
Wreck of the Hesperus George Harrison Cloud Nine 1987 Longfellow, 1842
White Rabbit Jefferson Airplane Surrealistic Pillow 1967 Lewis Carroll, Wonderland, 1865
Fainting In Coils Bill Bruford One of a Kind 1979 Lewis Carroll, Wonderland, 1865
Eve Of The War Richard Burton / Justin Hayward Jeff Wayne’s The War Of The Worlds 1978 H.G. Wells, 1897
Steppenwolf Hawkwind Astounding Sounds, Amazing Music 1976 Herman Hesse, 1927
New World Strawbs Grave New World 1972 Aldous Huxley, 1932
The Virgin And The Gypsy Steve Hackett Spectral Mornings 1979 D.H. Lawrence, 1930
A Cry For Everyone Gentle Giant Octopus 1972 Camus (1913-60)
Rivendell Rush Fly by Night 1975 Tolkein, 1937
I Robot The Alan Parsons Project I Robot 1977 Asimov, 1940
Watcher of the Skies Genesis Foxtrot 1972 Clarke, Rescue Party, 1945
Big Brother David Bowie Diamond Dogs 1974 George Orwell, 1948
The Mule Deep Purple Fireball 1971 Asimov, Foundation, 1951
Let There Be Light Mike Oldfield Songs of Distant Earth 1994 Clarke, 1986


Airship Pirate Abney Park Lost Horizons 2008 Neil Gaiman, Stardust, 1999
Are ‘Friends’ Electric Tubeway Army Replicas 1979 Phil Dick, 1968
Lady Fuschia Strawbs Bursting At The Seams 1973 Mervyn Peake, 1946
Carry On up the Vicarage Steve Hackett Please Don’t Touch 1978 Agatha Christie, 1920
The Body Electric Rush Grace Under Pressure 1984 Phil Dick, 1968
Pantagruel`s Nativity Gentle Giant Acquiring The Taste 1971 François Rabelais, C16


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