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Welcome to the homepage of Radio Free D’ni. You will find here both our current announcements and our past playlists. Our links to the music stream are at the top, just above this post.

Generally speaking, we present a new show every other week, at 1300 KI time, with remastered versions of our shows from five years ago in the intermediate weeks. We have pre-show music usually starting 30 minutes earlier (so getting on the stream at 12:30 KI time might be a good idea), and also a good bit of music after the show proper.

See you in the Cavern

13:00 KI is 8 pm in the UK, 9 pm in CET. KI time is Mountain Time in the US, and it follows DST… I can only assume that when Victor Laxman got the KI’s working again he synch’d them to surface time in New Mexico…


213 John Coltrane

A fine show, and a bit edgy, as Coltrane is not an easy subject and can divide opinion along sharp lines.  I’m pleased to say it was well attended and appreciated, up to 24 listeners at one point and over 20 for the whole show.  Assembled by Hugh, for one of his favourite musicians, and very well done.

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082R Un-covered

The first set of Un-covered tracks that we put together, with some rather fine juxtapositions.  21 listeners at one point, which is a very satisfying statistic.

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This week we will look back to our first outing of the idea of getting some stylistic diversity going by picking songs with the same title, that are not otherwise related to one another. Well, one title turned out to be a bit more related, with two brothers having both recorded different songs under the title, but you get the basic idea…

See you in the Cavern,

212 Greenslade

Another show from esteemed collaborator Martin Lewis, this time on a prog rock band who began as a quartet with two keyboards, bass and drums, and no guitarist.  Formed out of the ashes of Colosseum, a pioneering prog band, it continued in that direction.  A good selection of tracks covering their two periods recorded in studio albums, appreciated by 25 listeners at one point.

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This week, we will take a look at Greenslade, formed by original members of Colosseum Dave Greenslade and Tony Reeves. While only existing for a short time, the band featured an ever-changing who-is-who of British Prog in its member list.

See you in the Cavern,

081R By The Book, Chapter 2

A refurbished show with a completely new preshow and updated lyrics, sorry, script.

A fun-packed show with a bit more chat than usual.  Well, I had the books to write about as well as the tracks…

I did promise during the show to say a bit more about the Mock Turtle.  Alice In Wonderland, if you don’t know already, is slotted into the “nonsense” category by many, but it truth it is much more complicated than that.  The author, Charles Dodgson (Lewis Carroll is a pen-name) was a mathematics don at Oxford (having achieved a Second in Divinity and a First in Mathematics, and been awarded a Fellowship for life, no mean achievement) and contributed important work in the fields of symbolic logic and what is today known as game theory.  The Alice books  are full of logical allusions, as well as literary references and puns.  The original illustrations for the books were done by celebrated illustrator and cartoonist Sir John Tenniel, to Dodgson’s exacting and profuse directions, and should be considered as part of the story.

So, the Mock Turtle is an allusion to a culinary dish called Mock Turtle soup, which is a dish that tries to replicate the taste of green turtle soup using items more easily available.  The main component is a calf’s head, boiled, and the meat recovered for use in the soup, along with oysters and a few other things.  Hence Tenniel, under Dodgson’s instructions, made the Mock Turtle have a turtle’s body and front flippers, but a calf’s head, feet and tail.  A clever visual joke, sadly lost on today’s audience who have no reason to know what Mock Turtle soup is made out of.  The text of the relevant chapter can be found here, and will explain the whole “Fainting in Coils” thing (painting in oils, in case it’s not obvious)

I’ll link to as many helpful pages for the books and songs as I can below.

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By The Book, Chapter 2

This week’s remastered show will be our second set of tracks concerned, one way or another, with literature. And thanks to the continued insanity of Astronomy Wasting Time, we’ll start at 13:30 KI time this week.

See you in the Cavern,

211 Styx

A favourite band of many of our audience, much bigger in the US than Europe, and one I had never heard before….    in mitigation, I’m a sort-of-reformed jazz fan, via fusion and prog rock, so I’m approaching this sort of thing from a different direction.  Edison let slip that, not only was a fan, but that in 1979 he was asked to try out for the band, when Dennis de Young temporarily left after the disagreement following “Babe”…  A missed opportunity, or a lucky escape, perhaps.

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