Connections I: The Clapton Complex

Our next show will be “Connections,” taking a look at how musicians, producers, songwriters etc. are interconnected behind the scenes and across the decades, with probably quite a few surprises in there. As a friend and former singer for one of my bands put it, “it’s all one cantankerous family…”

Update July 22, 2016: the playlist and notes are done, earlier than I expected, but what a trip through the history of Rock, and we got diverted into a few unexpected directions. I predict this is going to be a very interesting show!


Radio Free D’ni
Just to add some extra details:  show starts at 13 KI (8pm UK, 9 pm Central European Time) ( KI time is Mountain Time in the US) with preshow music for at least 30 minutes before so you can all find the channel.
It will start with a Rolling Stones track and progress from there. Eric Clapton does feature in a few places … Come and listen and all will be revealed 😀

Road Songs

Our next show will be Road Songs–songs about the road, the drive, the car, the way… there might be some surprises in there, and some expected bits. Join us in the Plaza as usual 🙂

The History of Pink Floyd, Part II

The History of Pink Floyd, Part II, is currently expected to be broadcast as our next show, on June 26th. As of now, this will include the development from Atom Heart Mother (1970) up to Wish You Were Here (1975), with some audio footage from the Live at Pompeii show, which was recorded live at Pompeii (d’oh!) in 1971, for French and German television, without a live audience.

See you in the Cavern,


Welcome to Radio Free D’ni!

Welcome to the homepage of Radio Free D’ni. You will find here both our current announcements and our past playlists. Our links to the music stream are at the top, just above this post.

Generally speaking, we present a show every other week, at 1300 KI time. We have pre-show music usually starting 40 minutes earlier (so getting on the stream at 12:20 KI time might be a good idea), and also a good bit of music after the show proper.

See you in the Cavern

13:00 KI is 8 pm in the UK, 9 pm in CET. KI time is Mountain Time in the US, and it follows DST… I can only assume that when Victor Laxman got the KI’s working again he synch’d them to surface time in New Mexico…