91 Earth Day 2018

Our Earth day show was appreciated by all those attending, which included some new faces. I managed to write some rather convoluted prose, but Ed, Mal and Root Beer coped admirably.  Audience numbers peaked at 24, a welcome recovery from the spring break lows.

Since we started with Messages From Earth, from the Babylon 5 soundtrack, we decided to finish with something else in the SF genre, and I found the extended version of the Firefly theme to go out with. All the other pre and postshow tracks were from the Earth Day playlist.


Title Artists Album Year
Messages from Earth Christopher Franke Babylon 5; Volume 2; Messages 1999
The Memory of Trees Enya The Memory Of Trees 1995
Sky Blue Passport Ataraxia 1978
River Song Dennis Wilson Pacific Ocean Blue 1977
Palm tree song Passport Earthborn 1982

The Show

Everything’s Made In China Dave Pegg & PJ Wright Galileo’s Apology 2007
TV Dinners ZZ Top Eliminator 1983
Plastic Man The Temptations Masterpiece 1973
Polythene Pam + She Came In Through The Bathroom Window The Beatles Abbey Road 1969
Mother Nature’s Son The Beatles The Beatles [White Album] (2 of 2) 1968
Green Lagoon Passport Passport To Paradise 1996
Orinoco Flow (Sail Away) Enya Watermark 1988
Rhythm of the Tides Gandalf Colors of a New Dawn 2004
Ode to Big Blue Gordon Lightfoot Don Quixote 1972
Red Sky At Night David Gilmour On An Island 2006
King Of Trees Cat Stevens Buddha and the Chocolate Box 1974
Secret Garden CIALYN E.P. “The Dew Garden” 2015
Whose Garden was This Tom Paxton Six 1970
Where Do the Children Play Cat Stevens Tea For The Tillerman 1970
Big Yellow Taxi Joni Mitchell Ladies of The Canyon 1970
Apeman Kinks Lola vs Powerman And The Moneygoround 1970
The Last Resort Eagles Hotel California 1976
Earthborn Passport Earthborn 1982
Rapa Bestas Xosé Manuel Budiño Paralaia 1998
A United Earth I Alan Stivell With Youssou N’dour Dublin To Dakar – A Celtic Odyssey 1999
Catching the Sun Spyro Gyra Catching the Sun 1980
Dark Sky Island Enya Dark Sky Island 2015
Nothern Lights Renaissance A Song for All Seasons 1978
Albedo 0.39 Vangelis Albedo 0.39 1976


Earth Run Lee Ritenour Earth Run 1986
Earthrise Pierre Moerlen’s Gong Time Is The Key 1979
Fume de Lume Xosé Manuel Budiño Arredor 2000
Sunrise Larry Carlton Firewire 2005
The Green Country (New England Mood) Jimmy Giuffre The Jimmy Giuffre 3 1957
The Storm Davy Spillane Band Out of the Air 1988
The Ballad of Serenity Sonny Rhodes Firefly