114 International Women’s Day 2019

A session for International Women’s Day, the third we’ve done, and in this case a solo show from Alan. Additionally, we were pleased to assist the MystiTech crew with their show by playing their music for their live presentation.
Technical difficulties meant that I had to restart my DJ software, and we still had some difficulty with sound quality. I will do some more experiments to see if I can resolve this issue.
The MystiTech music was composed and played by Christian Zwang, the musician for all of MystiTech’s Lost Art series.  I’ve included their playlist first.

Following that, the intention for International Women’s Day was to play tracks that are all played or sung, as well as composed or written by female musicians. Additionally, I tried to fill the list with tracks that have not been played before on Radio Free D’ni. One of two favourites were still part of the list, of course.

No postshow, as Fil followed on immediately from our session.

MystiTech music

Remembrance Elegy CZ-Tunes 2016
MystiTech Presents CZ-Tunes 2012
The Team CZ-Tunes 2019
Previously on The Lost Art CZ-Tunes 2010
Zarek’s Muse CZ-Tunes 2019
Descent to D’ni CZ-Tunes 2019
Katja’s Theme CZ-Tunes 2011
Arrival in D’ni CZ-Tunes 2019
Morgan’s Nightmare CZ-Tunes 2011
Through the Looking Glass CZ-Tunes 2019
Annie CZ-Tunes 2019
The Tech in MystiTech CZ-Tunes 2019
Bahro Battle CZ-Tunes 2010
The Mystery of MystiTech CZ-Tunes 2019
Uncertain Future CZ-Tunes 2019

Radio Free D’ni set

So Far Away Carole King Tapestry 1971
I Will Alison Krauss Now That I’ve Found You 1995
Skylark Liane Carroll The Right to Love 2017
Margaret Sands Laura Viers The Lookout 2018
Behind the Wall Tracy Chapman Tracy Chapman 1988
Woman’s Blues Laura Nyro Eli And The Thirteenth Confession 1968
Doctor Who (Original Theme) Delia Derbyshire Blue Veils And Golden Sands 1963
Respect Aretha Franklin I Never Loved a Man the Way I Love You 1967
Finishing The Hat Judy Collins A Love Letter To Stephen Sondheim 2017
Liasons Judy Collins A Love Letter To Stephen Sondheim 2017
Dreams Fleetwood Mac Rumours 1977
Blue Skies Diana Krall Turn Up the Quiet 2017
A Cry From The Heart Barbara Thompson’s  Paraphernalia A Cry From The Heart – Live In London 1988
The Funky Flunky Barbara Thompson  Barbara Thompson’s Jubiaba 1978
Didn’t It Rain Amy Helm Didn’t It Rain 2015
Thursday Jess Glynne + H-E-R Live, Brits 2019 2019
Black Horse And The Cherry Tree K.T. Tunstall live performance, Later 2004
Coyote Joni Mitchell Shadows And Light 1979
Shaking The Tree Peter Gabriel/Paula Cole Secret World Live 1994
I Am Woman Helen Reddy I Don’t Know How To Love Him 1971


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