020R Rock Humour Remastered

The 2016 Rock Humour show needed a bit of rejigging to avoid repeating tracks used the previous week, and the notes were  completely revamped.   Attendance was light, but there were a good number in the cavern and a fair amount of danceing got done.  And everybody was amused, for at least some of the time.

The preshow was mostly 10cc or Godley & Creme, after they had left 10cc.  The postshow was nearly all Bonzo Dog Band…  Both reliably amusing, and unlikely to be repeated any time soon.


Title Artist Album Year
The Party Godley – Creme Ismism 1981
The Problem Godley – Creme Ismism 1981
Happy in the Lord Stackridge Extravaganza 1975
Fundamentally Yours Stackridge The Man In The Bowler Hat 1974
The Sacro-Iliac 10cc Sheet Music 1974
Fallen Over Decameron Tomorrows Pantomime 1976
I Bought A Flat Guitar Tutor 10cc Deceptive Bends (Remastered) 1977
Old Wild Men 10cc Sheet Music 1974

Main Show

Good Morning Judge 10cc Deceptive Bends (Remastered) 1977
Your Cash Ain’t Nothin’ But Trash Steve Miller Band The Joker 1973
Money For  Nothing Dire Straits Money For Nothing 1988
Breakdown of the Song Decameron Mammoth Special 1974
Have A Cigar Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here 1975
Dupscheck Otto Waalkes Otto – Die CD Das Allerbeste 1973
Bring It To Jerome Bo Diddley Greatest Hits 1988
Those Feat’ll Steer Ya Wrong Sometimes Little Feat Representing the Mambo 1990
Airhead Thomas Dolby Aliens Ate My Buick 1988
Taxi Driver The Hamsters Open All Hours 2004
Manic Mechanic ZZ Top Degüello 1979
Big Balls AC/DC Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap 1981
It Came Out Of The Sky Creedence Clearwater Revival Willy and the Poor Boys 1970
Behind You Caravan Better by Far 1977
Would You Touch & Go I Find You Very Attractive 2000
Nice Legs Shame About Her Face Monks Bad Habits 1979
Reasons To Be Cheerful Ian Dury and The Blockheads single 1979
Do The Strand Roxy Music For Your Pleasure 1973
The Lone Ranger Quantum Jump Quantum Jump 1977
The Worst Band in the World 10cc Sheet Music 1974
No One’s More Important Than the Earth Worm Stackridge Extravaganza 1975
Sample The Dog Timbuk3 Espace Ornano 1993
Werewolves of London Warren Zevon Stand in the Fire 1980
Elephant Talk King Crimson Discipline 1974
Saturday Night Fish Fry Vince Weber Boogie On A Blue Song 1987
Take It Back Cream Disraeli Gears 1967
Say Man Bo Diddley Greatest Hits 1988
I’d Love Just Once To See You The Beach Boys Wild Honey 1967


The Intro and the Outro Bonzo Dog Doo/Dah Band Cornology 1992
Monster Mash The Bonzo Dog Band Cornology 1992
Can Blue Men Sing the Whites The Bonzo Dog Band Cornology 1992
Karma Sutra The Bonzo Dog Band Cornology 1992
I’m the Urban Spaceman The Bonzo Dog Band Cornology 1992
Fat Man Jethro Tull Stand Up 1969
Mr. Apollo The Bonzo Dog Band Cornology 1992
The Bride Stripped Bare by ’Bachelors’ The Bonzo Dog Band Cornology 1992
Labio Dental Fricative Sean Head Showband feat. Eric Clapton Cornology 1992
Places to Go Tony Levin Resonator 2006