157 Going Dutch

Our look at Prog Rock in the Netherlands in the seventies turned out to be very popular, and deservedly so, as Hugh’s friend Martin Lewis put a great show together for us.  24 listeners at one point, and over 20 for the whole show.

Focus were covered in the preshow, to give other bands more time in the main show.  The postshow was all German rock, from the 2005 collection Krautrock.


Title Artists Album Year
Focus III – Answers? Questions! Questions? Answers! Focus Focus 3 1973
Focus (Instrumental) Focus In And Out Of Focus 1970
Delitiae Musicae Focus Hamburger Concerto 1974

Main Show

The Dance Alquin The Mountain Queen 1973
Circus Circumstances Solution Solution 1971
Concentration Solution Divergence 1972
Song of the Marching Children Earth and Fire Song of the Marching Children 1971
Ribatejo Crypto Crypto 1974
Tatus Crypto Crypto 1974
The Lamplighter Ekseption Ekseption 3 1970
Tabu Trace Birds/The White Ladies 1975
The Rescue Trace Birds/The White Ladies 1975
Hope for a Life Kayak See See the Sun 1973
Mammoth Kayak See See the Sun 1973
Introduction Supersister Present from Nancy 1970
Present from Nancy Supersister Present from Nancy 1970
A Girl Named You Supersister To the Highest Bidder 1971
Radio Supersister Pudding en Gisteren 1972
Nosy Parkers Supersister Spiral Staircase 1974


Inheritance Scorpions Krautrock 2005
Visions (Single Version) Epitaph Krautrock 2005
Orient Express Embryo Krautrock 2005
Heisse Lippen Cluster Krautrock 2005
Der Elektrolurch Guru Guru Krautrock 2005
Scratches On Your Back Jane Krautrock 2005
A Meditation Mass Part 1 (Excerpt) Yatha Sidnra Krautrock 2005

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