16 Brit Prog 4, The Yes-No Interlude, maybe

Some tracks from Yes, and from individual Yes members’ solo albums or other groups. I made no attempt to cover a history of the group, partly because they have a habit of making very long tracks and partly because they have been going for a very long time. So this was be a few favourite tracks.  Pre and post show consisted of more tracks that we couldn’t fit in to the show space.

Yes, I know the last Brit Prog show was show 2.  There was a reason why, but I can’t remember it now.

Title Artists  Album Year
101 Sweet Dreams Yes  Time And A Word 1970
102 Astral Traveller Yes  Time And A Word 1970
103 Starship Trooper (a. Life Seeker b. Disillusion c. Würm) Yes  The Yes Album 1971

The Show

201 No Opportunity Necessary, No Experience Needed Yes  Time And A Word 1970
202 Then Yes  Time And A Word 1970
203 Yours Is No Disgrace Yes  The Yes Album 1971
204 I’ve Seen All Good People (a. Your Move b. All Good People) Yes  The Yes Album 1971
205 Siberian Khatru Yes  Close To The Edge 1972
206 Total Mass Retain (Single Version) Yes  Close To The Edge 1972
207 Roundabout Yes  Fragile 1972
208 Five per Cent for Nothing Yes  Fragile 1972
209 Long Distance Runaround Yes  Fragile 1972
210 The Fish (Shindleria Praematurus) Yes  Fragile 1972
211 Wheel of Fortune Badger  One Live Badger 1973
212 Lucky Seven Chris Squire  Fish Out Of Water 1975
213 Alaska UK  UK 1978
214 Time To Kill UK  UK 1978
215 State Of Independence Jon And Vangelis  The Friends of Mr Cairo 1981
216 Only Time Will Tell Asia  Asia 1982
217 Turbulence Steve Howe  Turbulence 1991
218 I Would Have Waited Forever Yes  Union 1991


301 Hold Out Your Hand Chris Squire Fish Out Of Water 1975
302 In The Dead Of The Night UK UK 1978
303 The Friends Of Mr. Cairo Jon And Vangelis The Friends of Mr Cairo 1981
304 Here Comes the Feeling Asia Asia 1982
305 Shock To The System Yes Union 1991
306 Angkor Wat Yes Union 1991
307 Dangerous (Look In The Light Of What You’re Searching For) Yes Union 1991
308 Take The Water To The Mountain Yes Union 1991