Next show – 81 By The Book, Chapter 2

On Sunday 26th there will be a second show by Radio Free D’ni with a theme of By The Book. With stunning originality I have called it Chapter 2. Tracks will all have literary connections, some stronger than others. We’ve collected a lot of material and there will be a substantial postshow.

Xenipher’s Race will take place immediately before the show, in MOULa, and our preshow music will thus be the music for the race, which I can’t tell you about because it’s secret 🙂 But it will start at 1200 KI.

Unusually, I will be broadcasting the Xenipher’s race music and Ed will take over the stream at about five minutes before the show start at 1300 KI (8 pm UK time). We have managed a handover without dropping the stream before now, but if we mess it up, you may have to reconnect to the stream, or restart your music player.

This will be a mixed set, there will be less of the fast and noisy stuff. Apart from bits of Iron Maiden, Hawkwind and Abney Park that is. Some Steve Hackett, Gentle Giant and Mike Oldfield too. A varied collection, as usual.

Join us at 8pm UK time (13 KI), Sunday 12th November, on Radio Free D’ni.