Radio Free D'ni

31 A History of Kiss

Another of Malaclypse’s history compilations that include significant tracks rather than Greatest Hits.  This time it’s the archetypes of Glam Metal, Kiss.


Title Artists Album Year
101 Speedin’ Back To My Baby Ace Frehley  Ace Frehley 1978
102 Man of 1,000 Faces Gene Simmons  Gene Simmons 1978
103 Move On Paul Stanley  Paul Stanley 1978
104 Hooked On Rock ‘n’ Roll Peter Criss  Peter Criss 1978
105 See You Tonite Gene Simmons  Gene Simmons 1978
106 Fractured Mirror Ace Frehley  Ace Frehley 1978
107 Ain’t Quite Right Paul Stanley  Paul Stanley 1978
108 Rock Me Baby Peter Criss  Peter Criss 1978
109 See You In Your Dreams Gene Simmons  Gene Simmons 1978
110 New York Groove Ace Frehley  Ace Frehley 1978
111 Whatever Turns You On Gene Simmons  Asshole 2004
112 Tonight You Belong To Me Paul Stanley  Paul Stanley 1978

The Show

201 Strutter Kiss  Kiss 1974
202 100,000 Years Kiss  Kiss 1974
203 Hotter Than Hell KISS  Hotter Than Hell 1974
204 Watchin’ You KISS  Hotter Than Hell 1974
205 Love Her All I Can KISS  Dressed to Kill 1975
206 Anything for My Baby KISS  Dressed to Kill 1975
207 Sweet Pain Kiss  Destroyer 1976
208 Flaming Youth Kiss  Destroyer 1976
209 I Want You Kiss  Rock and Roll Over 1976
210 Got Love for Sale Kiss  Love Gun 1977
211 2000 Man KISS  Dynasty 1979
212 Is That You? Kiss  Unmasked 1980
213 Tomorrow Kiss  Unmasked 1980
214 A World Without Heroes Kiss  Music From “The Elder” 1981
215 Escape From the Island Kiss  Music From “The Elder” 1981
216 I Still Love You Kiss  Creatures of the Night 1982
217 And On the 8th Day KISS  Lick It Up 1983
218 Burn Bitch Burn KISS  Animalize 1984
219 Tears Are Falling Kiss  Asylum 1985
220 Turn On the Night Kiss  Crazy Nights 1987
221 Silver Spoon KISS  Hot in the Shade 1989
222 Read My Body KISS  Hot in the Shade 1989
223 Take It Off Kiss  Revenge 1992
224 I Will Be There Kiss  Carnival of Souls: The Final Sessions 1997
225 I Finally Found My Way KISS  Psycho Circus 1998
226 Danger Us KISS  Sonic Boom 2009
227 Russian Roulette KISS  Sonic Boom 2009
228 Long Way Down KISS  Monster 2012


301 Take Me Away (Together As One) Paul Stanley  Paul Stanley 1978
302 That’s the Kind of Sugar Papa Likes Peter Criss  Peter Criss 1978
303 Mr. Make Believe Gene Simmons  Gene Simmons 1978
304 I Can’t Stop the Rain Peter Criss  Peter Criss 1978
305 Goodbye Paul Stanley  Paul Stanley 1978
306 God Gave Rock ‘N’ Roll to You II Kiss  Revenge 1992


30 Brit Prog III, The Canterbury Scene

Some more Brit Prog, and we have got to the Canterbury Scene, a group of bands that formed in or around Canterbury with interchanging sets of musicians.  Caravan are the best known, and have already had a show of their own.  Some quotes about the scene

‘In the very best Canterbury music…the musically silly and the musically serious are juxtaposed in an amusing and endearing way.’

‘But the Canterbury school seems to me uniquely capable of making purely musical jokes without parody, without insult to other musicians or listeners, without vitiating musical or intellectual ideals.’
‘A tendency towards instrumental improvisation, and the way they sing – a uniquely English lyrical and vocal content’
We will take a chronological walk through the scene, beginning with the ur-group, the one that started it all.  This was The Wilde Flowers, active from 1964-69, whose members would go on to form Caravan and Soft Machine, both bands that were both successful and influential, and go on to other bands as well.

Of the Wilde Flowers, Richard Coughlan once said ‘We only had a few tunes, so how do you make them last a bit longer?  What do jazz musicians do?  Ah, I know, they improvise….    So a simple tune becomes a 10 minute event….’


Title Artists  Album Year
101 Winter Wine Caravan  In the Land of Grey and Pink 1971
102 Here Am I Caravan  Blind Dog At St.Dunstan’s 1976
103 Tell Me Camel  Rain Dances 1977
104 Highways of the Sun Camel  Rain Dances 1977

The Show

201 Impotence (version one) The Wilde Flowers  Best Of: Tales Of Canterbury 1967
202 Be All Right / Chance Of A Lifetime Caravan  For Girls Who Grow Plump In The Night 1973
203 Let’s Eat (Real Soon) Hatfield And The North  Hatfield & The North 1973
204 Mandrake Gong  Shamal 1975
205 Share It Hatfield And The North  The Rotters’ Club 1975
206 Hazard Profile Part 5 Soft Machine  Bundles 1975
207 Land Of The Bag Snake Soft Machine  Bundles 1975
208 Chiefs And Indians Caravan  Blind Dog At St.Dunstan’s 1976
209 Esnuria Gong  Gazeuse! 1976
210 Metrognome Camel  Rain Dances 1977
211 One of These Days I’ll Get an Early Night Camel  Rain Dances 1977
212 Behind You Caravan  Better by Far 1977
213 Crosscurrents Gong  Downwind 1979
214 What You Know Gong  Downwind 1979
215 Keepin’ up De Fences Caravan  The Album 1980
216 Portrait of a Shrinking Man National Health  D.S. al Coda 1981
217 Black Hat National Health  D.S. al Coda 1981
218 Panoramania Soft Machine  Land Of Cockayne 1981
219 Cloak And Dagger Man Camel  Stationary Traveller 1984
220 West Berlin Camel  Stationary Traveller 1984
221 Dodgy Boat Allan Holdsworth  Wardenclyffe Tower 1992


301 Skylines Camel  Rain Dances 1977
302 Heavy Tune Gong  Expresso II 1978
303 Sly Monkey Soft Machine  Land Of Cockayne 1981
304 The Sixteen Men of Tain Allan Holdsworth  The Sixteen Men of Tain 2000

29 Tangerine Dream

A contribution from our friend Janeerah, this is a selected set of Tangerine Dream tracks from their middle period.  The preshow is an interesting set of Jan’s favourites from other electronic musicians.

Overall, it can be said that while Tangerine Dream is a Progressive group, there is little Rock in what they do.  What they do well is closer to ambient, music to establish a mood and relax to.  This is not music to get excited about, or with.

Having got that out of the way, they are indeed very good at this, so much so that they are a benchmark of the genre.


Title Artists Album Year
101 Long Step David Schombert  METROPOLIS 2009
102 14 31 Global Communication  76:14 1997
103 The Parting of Ways Kit Watkins  The Gathering 2001
104 Open Horizons Max Corbacho  Neochron OST 2002
105 The Lounge Philter  NRK P3 Urørt 2010
106 Green River Passage Thom Brennan  Mountains 1987
107 Entrelacs Uman  Chaleur Humaine 1992

The Show

201 Cherokee Lane Tangerine Dream  Encore 1977
202 Desert Dream Tangerine Dream  Encore 1977
203 Electric Lion Tangerine Dream  Melrose 1990
204 Exit Tangerine Dream  Exit 1981
205 Hyperborea Tangerine Dream  Hyperborea 1983
206 Kiew Mission Tangerine Dream  Exit 1981
207 Mojave Plan Tangerine Dream  White Eagle 1982
208 No Man’s Land Tangerine Dream  Hyperborea 1983
209 Sphinx Lightning Tangerine Dream  Hyperborea 1983
210 Twenty Nine Palms Tangerine Dream  Lily on the Beach 1989
211 White Eagle Tangerine Dream  White Eagle 1982


301 Remote Viewing Tangerine Dream  Exit 1981
302 Sun Gate Tangerine Dream  Sun Gate 1988
303 Convention of the 24 Tangerine Dream  White Eagle 1982
304 Midnight In Tula Tangerine Dream  White Eagle 1982
305 Network Tangerine Dream  Exit 1981


28 Passport 1

Passport is a German jazz-rock band formed in 1972 by Klaus Doldinger, who is the only member of the original lineup to remain constant (their second album had a complete turnover of musicians apart from Doldinger, for instance).  He, and the band, were still going in 2015 when this show went out.

There is a second show in the works, but I’ve got writer’s block over it at the moment….


Title Artists Album Year
101 Morning Sun Passport  Infinity Machine 1976
102 Hand Made Passport  Hand Made 1973
103 Allegory Passport  Oceanliner 1979
104 Radiation Passport  Blue Tattoo 1987
105 Night Delighter Passport  Earthborn 1982

The Show

201 Uranus Passport  Passport 1972
202 The Cat From Katmandu Passport  Second Passport 1972
203 Proclamation Passport  Hand Made 1973
204 Thing To Come Passport  Looking Thru 1974
205 Morning Sun Passport  Lifelike 1980
206 Guna Guna Passport  Lifelike 1980
207 Louisiana Passport  Ataraxia 1978
208 Uptown Rendezvous Passport  Oceanliner 1979
209 Daybreak Delight Passport  Blue Tattoo 1987
210 New moon Passport  Earthborn 1982
211 In The Eye Of The Storm Passport  Man In The Mirror 1983
212 Auryn Passport  Running In Real Time 1985
213 It’s Magic Passport  Heavy Nights 1986
214 Up Front Passport  Talk Back 1988
215 Balance of Happiness Klaus Doldinger’s Passport  Balance of Happiness 1994
216 Blues Roots Passport  Blues Roots 1991
217 Passport’s In the House Passport  Down to Earth 1993
218 A Night At Kippie’s Passport  Passport To Paradise 1996
219 One Size Fits All Passport  Move 1998
220 Boogie Passport  Back to Brazil 2003
221 Dark Flame Passport  Inner Blue 2011
222 Seven to Four Passport  En Route 2015
223 Infusion Rag Passport  En Route 2015


301 Talk Back Passport  Talk Back 1988
302 Walkin’ On Air Passport  Man In The Mirror 1983
303 Bahia Praia Passport  Heavy Nights 1986
304 Idgo Now Passport  Blues Roots 1991
305 Wanderlust Passport  Move 1998
306 Barma Soussandi Passport  To Morocco 2006
307 Dreaming Far Away Passport  En Route 2015


27 Bass Instincts

A show concentrating on bass-players and playing both solo works and work with the groups they made famous 🙂  This first show includes Paul McCartney, Mark King, John Entwistle, Geddy Lee, Dave Pegg, Jeff Berlin, Patrick Scales, Tony Levin, Jaco Pastorious and Rick Kemp.  A vast coverage, and most have found fame in more than one group.

Ed was away from his desk and the show was broadcast by AlanDJ, with Mal on the plaza to back me up.  I lost connection to the radio stream during the postshow, and by the time I’d got it back, the audience had (quite understandably) dispersed.  It was a very complex show, as the playlist makes clear – still I did have time to include two requests in the postshow.


Title Artists Album Year
101 Introduction Chicago  Chicago Transit Authority 1969
102 Airship Pirate Abney Park  Lost Horizons 2008
103 Albert’s Shuffle Mike Bloomfield, Al Kooper and Stephen Stills  Super Session 1968
104 Dodgy Boat Allan Holdsworth  Wardenclyffe Tower 1992
105 Toye Amazing Blondel  Fantasia Lindum 1971
106 Theme (Paganini Caprice in A Minor No. 24 and Variations 1-4) Andrew  Lloyd Webber  Variations 1978
107 Cut The Cake Average White Band  Volume 8 1980
108 Hot Water (MK) Level 42  World Machine 1985

The Show

201 Something (PM) The Beatles  Abbey Road 1969
202 Goodnight Tonight (PM) Paul McCartney  single 1979
203 One Man (MK) Mark King  One Man 1999
204 The Chinese Way (MK) Level 42  The Pursuit of Accidents 1982
205 Dancing Master (JE) John Entwistle  Too Late The Hero 1981
206 Substitute (JE) The Who  single 1966
207 Grace To Grace (GL) Geddy Lee  My Favorite Headache 2000
208 Red Barchetta (GL) Rush  Moving Pictures 1981
209 The Swirling Pit (DP) Dave Pegg  The Cocktail Cowboy Goes it Alone 1984
210 Dirty Linen (DP) Fairport Convention  Full House 1970
211 The Clasp (DP) Jethro Tull  Broadsword And The Beast 1982
212 Bach (JB) Jeff Berlin  Crossroads 1998
213 Joe Frazier (JB) Bill Bruford  Gradually Going Tornado 1980
214 Escape (PS) Passport  Passport Live 2000
215 Not Just Another Pretty Bass (TL) Tony Levin  Stick Man 2007
216 San Jacinto (TL) Peter Gabriel  Peter Gabriel 4 2002
217 Three of a Perfect Pair (TL) King Crimson  Three of a Perfect Pair 1984
218 Portrait Of Tracy (JP) Jaco Pastorius  Jaco Pastorius 1976
219 In France They Kiss On Main Street (JP) Joni Mitchell  Shadows And Light 1979
220 Birdland (JP) Weather Report  Heavy Weather 1977
221 Rabbit Hills (RK) Michael Chapman  Fully Qualified Survivor 1970
220 Robbery With Violins (RK) Steeleye Span  Parcel of Rogues 1973

Requests and postshow

298 Gut String Theory (TL) (request) Tony Levin  Stick Man 2007
299 Places To Go (TL) (request) Tony Levin  Resonator 2006
300 Michelle (PM) The Beatles  Rubber Soul 1965
301 Stung, Mccartney’d, & Bruced (JB) Jeff Berlin  Taking Notes 1997
302 Break it Down (TL) Tony Levin  Resonator 2006
303 The Pursuit of Accidents (MK) Level 42  The Pursuit of Accidents 1982


26 Rarities and What-If’s 4

A fourth set of Rarities and What-ifs, with contributions from both Malaclypse and myself (AlanDJ).  We try to keep a running list of this sort of thing as we find them, and serve up helpings every so often 🙂

Title Artists Album Year
201 Make Me Smile Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel  The Best Years of Our Lives 1975
202 Class of ’55 Carl Perkins  Class of ’55 1986
203 This Wheel’s on Fire Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger & The Trinity  single 1968
204 Heading For The Light Traveling Wilburys  Traveling Wilburys Vol.1 1988
205 Der Friedhof meiner Träume Carom  Carom 1994
206 Cenotaph/Letter From Amsterdam Chris Rea  Deltics 1979
207 Cannonball Sky  Sky 1979
208 River Boat Song J.J. Cale  Travel-Log 1989
209 Paper Plane Status Quo  Aquostic (Stripped Bare) 2014
210 Rockabilly Rules OK Crazy Cavan  Mr Cool 1979
211 Aber bitte mit Sahne Udo Jürgens  Best of Udo Jürgens 2009
212 The Witch The Rattles  Single 1970
213 To Tame A Land Iron Maiden  Piece Of Mind 1983
214 Resurrection Shuffle Ashton, Gardner & Dyke  Ashton, Gardner & Dyke 1971
215 Bluebirds Over The Mountain The Beach Boys  20/20 1969
216 Thirteen Days J.J. Cale  5 1979
217 User-Friendly Ian Anderson  Walk Into Light 1983
218 Groovin’ With Mr. Bloe Mr. Bloe  single 1970
219 Rock ‘N Roll Dream AC/DC  Black Ice 2008
220 Motor Bikin’ Chris Spedding  single 1975
221 Mr. Make Believe Gene Simmons  Gene Simmons 1978
222 Bleib Hier Heinz Rudolf Kunze  Richter-Skala 1996
223 Auf Immer Und Ewig Chris Rea  On The Beach 1986
224 This Is Hip John Lee Hooker  Mr. Lucky 1991
225 Theme from Shaft Isaac Hayes  single 1971
226 25 Or 6 To 4 Chicago  Chicago II (silver bar) 1970


25 First Anniversary Show

Our First Anniversary show was hosted by Edison who presented a retrospective of his favourites from our first year’s broadcasts.

Title Artists  Album Year
1 Crime Of The Century Supertramp  Paris 2002
2 Bloody Well Right Supertramp  Crime of the Century 1974
3 A Whiter Shade Of Pale Procol Harum  A Whiter Shade of Pale 1967
4 The Great Deceiver King Crimson  Starless & Bible Black 1974
5 Framed Alex Harvey and His Soul Band  Alex Harvey and His Soul Band 1964
6 Long Hair Music The Sensational Alex Harvey Band  The Impossible Dream 1974
7 A Very Smelly Grubby Little Oik Caravan  Blind Dog At St.Dunstan’s 1976
8 Feelin’ Alright Caravan  Better by Far 1977
9 Ride On AC/DC  Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap 1981
10 Get It Hot AC/DC  Highway To Hell 1979
11 Brighter Than a Star Gandalf  Colors of a New Dawn 2004
12 Letting Me Down Joss Stone + Jools Hollands R+B Orchestra  Jools Hootenannny 2014 2014
13 Senor Blues David Sanborn  live performance, Later 2005
14 Then Yes  Time And A Word 1970
15 Wheel of Fortune Badger  One Live Badger 1973
16 Safety dance Men Without Hats  Rhythm of Youth 1983
17 Best Years of our Life Iron Butterfly  Metamorphosis 1970
18 She Blinded Me With Science Thomas Dolby  The Golden Age of Wireless 1982
19 Silver Machine Hawkwind  single 1972
20 Werewolves of London Warren Zevon  Stand in the Fire 1980
21 Money For  Nothing Dire Straits  Money For Nothing 1988
22 Surfin’ bird The Trashmen  Single 1963
23 Tip toe thru’ the tulips with me Tiny Tim  Single 1968
24 China Grove The Doobie Brothers  The Captain and Me 1973
25 Takin’ It To The Streets The Doobie Brothers  Takin’ It To The Streets 1976


26 Atlantic Bridge Davy Spillane Band  Out of the Air 1988
27 Seascape Amazing Blondel  England 1972
28 Birdland The Manhattan Transfer  Extensions 1979
29 The Tears Of A Clown Smokey Robinson and The Miracles  single 1970
30 Force Ten Rush  Hold Your Fire 1987
31 Driven Rush  Test for Echo 1996


24 A History of Rush, part 2

Covering the band from Power Windows in 1985 to the present day

Title Artists Album Year
101 Mystic Rhythms Rush  Power Windows 1985
102 Force Ten Rush  Hold Your Fire 1987
103 Driven Rush  Test for Echo 1996
104 Show Don’t Tell Rush  Presto 1989
105 Secret Touch Rush  Vapour Trails 2002
106 Dreamline Rush  Roll the Bones 1991

The Show

201 Marathon Rush  Power Windows 1985
202 Grand Designs Rush  Power Windows 1985
203 Second Nature Rush  Hold Your Fire 1987
204 Mission Rush  Hold Your Fire 1987
205 War Paint Rush  Presto 1989
206 Available Light Rush  Presto 1989
207 Roll the Bones Rush  Roll the Bones 1991
208 Where’s My Thing? Rush  Roll the Bones 1991
209 Between Sun And Moon Rush  Counterparts 1993
210 The Speed of Love Rush  Counterparts 1993
211 Totem Rush  Test for Echo 1996
212 Limbo Rush  Test for Echo 1996
213 Ghost Rider Rush  Vapour Trails 2002
214 Peaceable Kingdom Rush  Vapour Trails 2002
215 How It Is Rush  Vapour Trails 2002
216 Heart Full of Soul Rush  Feedback 2004
217 Shapes of Things Rush  Feedback 2004
218 We Hold On Rush  Snakes & Arrows 2007
219 Malignant Narcissism Rush  Snakes & Arrows 2007
220 Spindrift Rush  Snakes & Arrows 2007
221 The Anarchist Rush  Clockwork Angels 2012
222 Wish Them Well Rush  Clockwork Angels 2012


301 Stick It Out Rush  Counterparts 1993
302 Far Cry Rush  Snakes and Arrows 2007
303 Test for Echo Rush  Test for Echo 1996
304 The Big Money Rush  Power Windows 1985
305 Workin’ Them Angels Rush  Snakes and Arrows 2007
306 Headlong Flight Rush  Clockwork Angels 2012


23 A History of Rush, part 1

Covers this Canadian rock band from the eponymous first album up to 1984’s ‘Grace Under Pressure’.  Rush veer from Prog Rock almost to Metal and back again, with some very original influences.

Title Artists  Album Year
101 Distant Early Warning Rush  Grace Under Pressure 1984
102 Subdivisions Rush  Signals 1982
103 Entre Nous Rush  Permanent Waves 1980
104 Here Again Rush  Rush 1974
105 Tom Sawyer Rush  Moving Pictures 1981
106 New World Man Rush  Signals 1982
107 The Spirit Of Radio Rush  Permanent Waves 1980

The Show

201 Finding My Way Rush  Rush 1974
202 Before and After Rush  Rush 1974
203 Fly by Night Rush  Fly by Night 1975
204 Rivendell Rush  Fly by Night 1975
205 I Think I’m Going Bald Rush  Caress of Steel 1975
206 Bastille Day Rush  Caress of Steel 1975
207 Lessons Rush  2112 1976
208 The Twilight Zone Rush  2112 1976
209 Something For Nothing Rush  2112 1976
210 Xanadu Rush  A Farewell To Kings 1977
211 Cinderella Man Rush  A Farewell To Kings 1977
212 Madrigal Rush  A Farewell To Kings 1977
213 The Trees Rush  Hemispheres 1978
214 Circumstances Rush  Hemispheres 1978
215 Natural Science Rush  Permanent Waves 1980
216 Vital Signs Rush  Moving Pictures 1981
217 YYZ Rush  Moving Pictures 1981
218 Losing It Rush  Signals 1982
219 Countdown Rush  Signals 1982
220 Afterimage Rush  Grace Under Pressure 1984
221 Kid Gloves Rush  Grace Under Pressure 1984


301 The Camera Eye Rush  Moving Pictures 1981
302 The Necromancer Rush  Caress of Steel 1975
303 2112 Rush  2112 1976
304 Cygnus X-1 Rush  A Farewell To Kings 1977
305 Cygnus X-1 Book II : Hemispheres Rush  Hemispheres 1978
306 By-Tor and the Snow Dog Rush  Fly by Night 1975


22 Prog Folk

And what is Prog Folk, you ask? Well, there are a few definitions, but the one I worked with is Folk, but with a tendency towards modern instrumentation (“Electric Folk” if you like), placing a high value on good musicianship, a certain whimsicality in titles and in execution, often straying far from traditional tunes, but still retaining an overall “folk” feel.

Very hard to cut down the mass of tracks, even after putting some in the preshow and more in the postshow.  We may revisit this subject


Title Artists  Album Year
101 Autumn: Heroine’s Theme/Deep Summer’s Sleep/The Winter Long The Strawbs  Hero and Heroine 1974
102 The Storm Davy Spillane Band  Out of the Air 1988
103 Elgeebar Davy Spillane  A Place Among The Stones 1994
104 Road To Kingdom Come Lindisfarne  Nicely Out Of Tune 1970
105 Rock And Roll Away Decameron  Third Light 1975

The Show

201 Meet Me On The Corner Lindisfarne  Fog On The Tyne 1971
202 A Glimpse of Me Decameron  Mammoth Special 1974
203 Lady Fuschia Strawbs  Bursting At The Seams 1973
204 Letters From Home Horslips  The Man Who Built America 1978
205 On the Border Al Stewart  On the Border 1999
206 Atlantic Bridge Davy Spillane Band  Out of the Air 1988
207 Seascape Amazing Blondel  England 1972
208 On Reflection Gentle Giant  Free Hand 1975
209 Promised Rain Davy Spillane  A Place Among The Stones 1994
210 Solid Air John Martyn  Solid Air 1973
211 Toye Amazing Blondel  Fantasia Lindum 1971
212 Couldn’t Love You More John Martyn  Glorious Fool 1981
213 Les Sept Jours De Mai Malicorne  Le Bestiaire 1979
214 Music In The Glen Bothy Band  Old Hag You Have Killed Me 1976
215 The Advent Of Panurge Gentle Giant  Octopus 1972
216 Queen Of Dreams Strawbs  Grave New World 1972
217 Saturday Decameron  Third Light 1975
218 Estampie Gryphon  Midnight Mushrumps 1974
219 Boy Of Bedlam Steeleye Span  Please To See The King 1971
220 Clear White Light – Part 2 Lindisfarne  Nicely Out Of Tune 1970
221 Female Drummer Steeleye Span  Please To See The King 1971
222 Soldat de la République Malicorne  Balançoire en Feu 1981
223 Old Hag You Have Killed Me Bothy Band  Old Hag You Have Killed Me 1976


301 Late on Lady Day Decameron  Mammoth Special 1974
302 Landscape Amazing Blondel  England 1972
303 The Runaway Gentle Giant  In a Glass House 1973
304 Playing The Game Gentle Giant  The Power and The Glory 1974
305 Hero and Heroine The Strawbs  Hero and Heroine 1974
306 Three Seasons Almaine Amazing Blondel  Fantasia Lindum 1971
307 Year Of The Cat Al Stewart  Year of the Cat 1976