95 Todd Rundgren

A show containing some fine examples of both Todd Rundgren solo work and with his band Utopia. Preshow consisted of songs produced by Todd and postshow had notable covers of Todd songs.  This show was put together by Hugh Lynch, and Hugh was with us in the show too.

Some technical issues hit us on this show, with Ed losing his internet connection shortly after the start. I took over with the show (having all the music files on my machine as a backup) and the audience kept with us, coming back by restarting their music players or refreshing the web page – thanks to everyone for keeping with us. Finally Ed got his connection back and we were able to swap back over, this time with a bit of verbal warning first, so you all knew what was happening this time. Again, about half the listeners lost the connection but you all came back, and we had 16 listeners by the end of the show.

We’ve got another Todd Rundgren show in the works, but do let us know if you want more, or less come to that.


Title Artists Album Year
Can’t Stop the Music (He Played It Much Too Long) Hall & Oates War Babies 1974
I’m an Adult Now The Pursuit of Happiness Love Junk 1988
Love My Way The Psychedelic Furs Forever Now 1982
Day After Day Badfinger Straight Up 1971
Jet Boy New York Dolls New York Dolls 1973
Stage Fright The Band Stage Fright 1970
I Don’t Mind At All Bourgeois Tagg Yo Yo 1988
Prime Time The Tubes Remote Control 1979
Dear God XTC Skylarking 1986

The Show

All The Children Sing Todd Rundgren Hermit Of Mink Hollow 1978
Caravan Utopia Adventures In Utopia 1980
Rock Love Utopia Adventures In Utopia 1980
The Want Of A Nail Todd Rundgren Nearly Human 1989
Parallel Lines Todd Rundgren Nearly Human 1989
Lysistrata Utopia Swing To The Right 1982
I’m Looking At You But Talking To Myself Utopia Utopia 1982
Compassion Todd Rundgren Healing 1981
Something to Fall Back On Todd Rundgren Re-Mixes 2003
The Ikon Utopia Redux ’92: Live In Japan 1993
Hiroshima Utopia Redux ’92: Live In Japan 1993
Love Of The Common Man Utopia KSAN 95FM Live ’79 1979
Black And White Todd Rundgren Faithful 1976
Happenings Ten Years Time Ago Todd Rundgren Faithful 1976
I Just Want to Touch You Utopia Deface The Music 1980
That’s not Right Utopia Deface The Music 1980
Take It Home Utopia Deface The Music 1980
Mad Todd Rundgren Arena 2008
Courage Todd Rundgren Arena 2008
Wailing Wall Todd Rundgren Runt. The Ballad of Todd Rundgren 1971
Mated Utopia POV 1985
Flesh & Blood Todd Rundgren Global 2015
One World Utopia Swing To The Right 1982
Just One Victory Todd Rundgren A Wizard, A True Star 1973


Love Is The Answer England Dan & John Ford Coley Dr. Heckle and Mr. Jive 1979
Real Man Mathilde Santing Carried Away 1991
It Wouldn’t Have Made Any Difference Alison Krauss Forget About It 1999
Can We Still Be Friends? Robert Palmer Secrets 1979
I Saw the Light Hal Ketchum I Saw the Light 1998
Be Nice to Me Rumer Boy’s Don’t Cry 2012
Hello It’s Me Paul Giamatti Duets [Original Soundtrack] 2000
Honest Work Maddy Prior Flesh & Blood 1997