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Welcome to the homepage of Radio Free D’ni. You will find here both our current announcements and our past playlists. Our links to the music stream are at the top, just above this post.

Generally speaking, we present a new show every other week, at 1300 KI time, with remastered versions of our shows from five years ago in the intermediate weeks. We have pre-show music usually starting 30 minutes earlier (so getting on the stream at 12:30 KI time might be a good idea), and also a good bit of music after the show proper.

See you in the Cavern

13:00 KI is 8 pm in the UK, 9 pm in CET. KI time is Mountain Time in the US, and it follows DST… I can only assume that when Victor Laxman got the KI’s working again he synch’d them to surface time in New Mexico…


088R Hook, Line and Sinker

A second selection of tracks with memorable musical hooks, opening phrases that grab your attention and make you want to Turn It Up.

Peaked at 21 listeners, perhaps affected by it being Mother’s Day in the UK – but nowhere else – and the time change for US listeners caused by Europe and the UK having not gone to DST while the US has.  One of these days we’ll stop doing this.

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Ladies of Jazz

This week’s show continues the theme of International Women’s Day by looking at the great Ladies of Jazz. Also, because of the recurring insanity of Daylight Saving Time, the show will be an hour later than usual for our North American listeners, who will already have switched to DST. So, the pre-show starts 13:30 KI time.

See you in the Cavern,

220 IWD 2023

Our contribution to International Women’s Day, and fortunately this time we were able to have Root Beer host it, as we do whenever possible.

Some old favourites, and some new tracks too, all performed by women, in most cases written by women and about women.

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077R Pink Floyd 3

The third out of four parts for our History, covering Animals and The Wall.  Well attended and an enthusiasic crowd on the Plaza discussed ailments, beer, cooking and also the music

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The History of Pink Floyd, pt. 3

This week’s show will continue our History of Pink Floyd, covering some of the most… interesting years in the band’s history, from the Wish You Were Here sessions up to and into The Wall.

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219 Ten Years After

Some early Blues-rock for a change, and a band that got a big lift from their appearance at Woodstock, Ten Years After.  Guitar speed merchant Alvin Lee was their frontman, and a reputation for really entertaining live shows got them noticed.  We looked at their years on the Deram label, covering their biggest successes.

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Ten Years After

This week’s offering is an overview of British Bluesrock band Ten Years After—one of those bands that keep breaking up only to reform a while later. For this show, however, we will concentrate on the line-up from the Deram Records years, i.e., the early days that brought the band to international acclaim.

See you in the Cavern,

046R Pink Floyd part II

The second part of our four-part History of Pink Floyd, curated by Malaclypse and newly-polished for the occasion.  Covering Atom Heart Mother to Wish You Were Here, lots of longish tracks, but plenty to keep the audience interested.  20 connections/listeners for a lot of the show, very encouraging 🙂

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