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224 Gordon Lightfoot

A show prompted by my hearing of his passing, and being a long time fan of his music.  Something a little different to our usual fare. and mostly short tracks, so a lot of different things.  I didn’t try to avoid the big hits this time, they are too much a part of his music.  We covered most of the hits anyway, some in the pre and postshow sets, and some of his less well known stuff.  Covering a sixty year career and twenty-one albums, we went through the highs and lows and hit the highlights too.

The Rick Beato podcast I mentioned is linked below

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092R Steely Dan, part 1

A show where I was hard put to reduce the content to just two hours, being a big fan of this band and their two headline artists, Walter Becker and Donald Fagen.   A set of my favourite tracks for the most part, and it did go down quite well with the audience too.

The postshow set finished with Larry Carlton’s Room 335, a composition inspired by Jay Graydon’s solo on Peg and using the song’s chord sequence.

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223 Kings

To tie in with the only Coronation of a British monarch that most of us can remember, our subject was Kings with a side serving of royalty and a couple of cheeky Charlies.

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090R Rarities and What-ifs 7

A seventh collection of rare tracks, not often given radio play, and tracks with a story behind them.  An enthusiastic audience joined us on the plaza and the banter flowed freely.

Preshow and postshow from Mal’s stash, starting in the ‘A’s and getting into the ‘B’s.

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091R Earth Day 2023

A show for Earth Day which was celebrated just one day previously.  A set of tracks, some warning of the consequences of ignoring our effect on the Earth, some celebrating the Earth and its wonders and some setting our place in the universe.  One of our best shows, I think, but then I had a bit to do with it.

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089R Cat Stevens

Even though I say it myself, a fine show covering a long, varied and illustrious career, starting as a pop singer, changing to folk-rock, but with some individual attributes.  Always a pleasure to listen to, or at least I think so.

As promised, I’ve linked to a fansite page with the translation of the Latin lyrics of O Caritas, and include the Greek text, a translation and a transliteration for the Greek verse of Rubylove. Though Cat Stevens has Greek ancestry, he is a Londoner born and bred and lead a cosmopolitan life, He no doubt picked up some Greek from his father, and may have attended Greek Orthodox church with him.

Latin lyrics and translation by Michael R Valenzuela for O Caritas here, along with some notes

Rubylove lyrics in Greek, with a transliteration for those who don’t read Greek text (like me) and an English translation

Ruby γλυκιά
Έλα ξανά,
Έλα ξανά κοντά μου
Έλα πρωί, με την αυγή
Χρυσή σαν ηλιαχτίδα
Ruby μου μικρή

Ruby glikya
Ela xana,
Ela xana konta mou
Ela proi, me tin avgy
Xrisi san iliaktida
Ruby mou mikri

Sweet Ruby
Come by once more
Come once more close to me
Come by at dawn
Golden like a ray of sun
My little Ruby

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106R Pink Floyd IV

The final and concluding part of the History, brought closer to the previous parts than before so  you can remember what’s gone before.

A faithful audience of up to 15 stayed the course and were rewarded with Hey Hey Rise Up, the song recorded to support the Ukrainian Relief Fund.

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222 World Music – Roots Music

A nicely varied collection covering East, West, North and South and featuring original artists and music from their localities, some traditional, some incorporating modern updates.   Went down well with the cavern audience, and listener numbers were up there with our best, 38 at one point and over 30 the whole way through.

The show gave the presenters many more pronunciation challenges than usual, but the team rose to the task, and I don’t think we called anyone a jam doughnut.    As promised, here’s the playlist with all the names spelled as they appeared on the packaging, which has meant some cajoling of WordPress to get the right diacratic symbols.

I did not speak for this show, as I am still recovering from a bad cold, liable to cough or sneeze without warning and generally sound like a badly-maintained door.

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