128 Made In Germany

A show looking at just four bands from the ’70’s scene that became known as Krautrock.  Pre and post show sampled six more bands from that era.  We’ll certainly do more shows if the enthusiasm shown on the night is continued.


Title Artists Album Year
Borgward Kraan Tournee 1980
Baby Cake Walk Guru Guru Kanguru 1972
King Kong Odin SWF Session 1973 2007

The Show

Kanaan Amon Düül II Phallus Dei 1969
Mother Sky Can Soundtracks 1970
Soap Shop Rock-
A. Burning Sister-
B. Halluzination Guillotine-
C. Gulp A Sonata-
D. Flesh-Coloured Anti-Aircraft Alarm
Amon Düül II Yeti 1970
Meadow Meal Faust Faust 1971
Toxicological Whispering
(Chamsin Soundtrack)
Amon Düül II Tanz Der Lemminge 1971
Hallogallo Neu! Neu! 1971
It’s a Rainy Day, Sunshine Girl Faust Faust So far 1972
Wolf City Amon Düül II Wolf City 1973
Deutsch Nepal Amon Düül II Wolf City 1973
The Sad Skinhead Faust Faust IV 1974
Giggy Smile Faust Faust IV 1974
E-Musik Neu! Neu ’75 1975
Flow Motion CAN Flow Motion 1976


I Try To Change This World Gomorrha I Turned To See Whose Voice It Was 1972
Sonnenaufgang Hanuman Hanuman 1971
World’s End Out Of Focus Wake Up! 1970