Electric Folk – the Unusual Suspects

To embark on our second half-century we will visit the world of Electric Folk, but eschew the usual suspects – such as Fairport Convention, Steeleye Span and so on. There will be some tracks from lesser-known British bands, once I can decide which ones to pick from the short (Ha! What do you mean, short) list, a bit of Celtic rock including Galician, Breton, Irish and Gaelic, and Malaclypse will bring along some of his favourites from Germany.  I do believe I have some tracks from Sweden too.  Oh, and one or two from bands you’d not normally connect with the folk world at all.

Come and join us on the plaza on Sunday 4th September at 13 KI (that’s 1 pm US Mountain Time, or 8 pm UK time, 9 pm European time), or in Second Life visit TJ’s Dance Hall where Ainia DaFente will host the rebroadcast into SL.  Or just use the links at the top of the page to listen, but you’ll miss out on the text chat if you do 🙂