51 Electric Folk – the Unusual Suspects

A good time was had by all at the Electric Folk show on Sunday, including several who attended in Second Life. We are slowly building an audience there thanks to Ainia’s hosting in TJ’s Dance hall.

Perhaps this is a good point to say that although we are called Radio Free D’ni, our content is not specific to Myst Online or any particular environment. The shows stand on their own merits as straightforward entertainment, or at least that is our intention when preparing them. So please don’t be worried by the channel’s title – our shows are for everyone.

We had up to 23 listeners, with 16 for most of the time, which was very pleasing for a show that was not mainstream by any measure.

Playlists are below. As is becoming usual, there were requests from the audience for us to continue after the postshow, so another set was played – as listed.

In two weeks time, the next show will be another Road Songs set – the last one went down well and we have a lot of tracks we could not ft in to that show. See you there.


Title Artists  Album Year
101 Ordinary Man Christy Moore  Ordinary Man 1989
102 Hokey Pokey (The Ice Cream Song) Richard & Linda Thompson  Hokey Pokey 1974
103 Late on Lady Day Decameron  Mammoth Special 1974
104 Benedictus Strawbs  Grave New World 1972
105 The Cocktail Cowboy Dave Pegg  The Cocktail Cowboy Goes it Alone 1984
106 Broomfield Hill The Albion Band  Stella Maris 1987
107 The Big Wheel Runrig  The Big Wheel 1991

The Show

201 Barkbrödslåten Kebnekajse  Kebnekajse II 1973
202 Gallows Pole Led Zeppelin  Led Zeppelin III 1970
203 Rock Harp Alan Stivell  Back to Breizh 2000
204 McConnell’s Rant Shooglenifty  Troots 2007
205 Bourrée Malicorne  Colin 1974
206 Ceth’s Dance Bleizi Ruz  Musiques Et Danses De Bretagne 1973
207 Pinch Of Snuff Five Hand Reel  For A’that 1977
208 Kickdancer Donal Lunny  Coolfin 1998
209 Kalyope Driver Dando Shaft  Reaping the Harvest 1990
210 Galo Galan Xosé M Budiño  Zume de Terra 2004
211 Moyasta Junction Davy Spillane  Shadow Hunter 1990
212 Hoch Geiht De See De Drangdüwels  Hold Fast 2003
213 Hamborger Veermaster De Drangdüwels  Ahoi 2010
214 De Duun Matros De Drangdüwels  Hold Fast 2003
215 Fährmann (Ferryman) Godewind  Moin Moin 1980
216 Made In Freesland Godewind  Made in Freesland 1986
217 Achter Dünen und Diek Godewind  Achter Dünen und Diek 1991
218 Buachaill an Éirne Clannad  Macalla 1985
219 Tobar an t-Saoil Clannad  Nádúr 2013
220 Turning Tide Clannad  Sirius 1987
221 Rollo, der Wikinger Torfrock  …dat matscht so schön 1977
222 Omas Ludvig Hedningarna  fiRe 1996
223 The Cuckoo Hedgehog Pie  Just Act Normal 1978
224 The Knife Edge Richard Thompson  Strict Tempo! 1981
225 Hanging Off The Edge Whapweasel  Pack Of Jokers 2005
226 The Crowded River Runrig  The Big Wheel 1991
227 The Road To Venezuela Stackridge  Pinafore Days 1974
228 Tobermory Capercaillie  Dusk Till Dawn, The Best Of Capercallie 2000


301 Dancing Decameron  Third Light 1975
302 Bjork’s Chauffeur Shooglenifty  Solar Shears 2001
303 Goal Song The Oyster Band  Step Outside 1986
304 Hero and Heroine Strawbs  Hero and Heroine 1973
305 Hal-an-Tow The Oyster Band  Step Outside 1986
306 Rock And Roll Away Decameron  Third Light 1975
307 Level Pegging Dave Pegg  The Cocktail Cowboy Goes it Alone 1984
308 An Dro Nevez Alan Stivell  Chemins de terre 1974


401 Roll Over Vaughn Williams Richard Thompson  Starring As Henry The Human Fly! 1972
402 Excess Baggage Shooglenifty  Troots 2007
403 The Swirling Pit Dave Pegg  The Cocktail Cowboy Goes it Alone 1984
404 Down The Dog Gryphon  Raindance 1975
405 A United Earth I Alan Stivell With Youssou N’dour  Dublin To Dakar – A Celtic Odyssey 1999
406 The New St. George Richard Thompson  Starring As Henry The Human Fly! 1972
407 Horgalåten Kebnekajse  Kebnekajse II 1973
408 The Battle Of Evermore Led Zeppelin  IV (Zoso) 1971
409 The Ploughboy’s Dream Gryphon  Midnight Mushrumps 1974
410 Gorrlaus/The Steed Hedningarna  fiRe 1996
411 Branle La Peronelle Malicorne  Le mariage Anglais 1975
412 The Road to Ballyalla Davy Spillane Band  Out of the Air 1988
413 Man With the Money The Who  A Quick One 1966
414 Money for Nothing Dire Straits  Brothers In Arms 1985
415 Take The Money And Run Steve Miller Band  Fly Like An Eagle 1976
416 A Fool And His Money Wang Chung  Mosaic 1986
417 Into Money Robin Trower  Essential Robin Trower 1991
418 The Big Money Rush  A Show Of Hands 1989
419 Firefly – Main Title Greg Edmonson  Firefly 2005
420 It’s Only Just Begun Solution  The Best of Solution Live 1991
421 Tap Turns on the Water CCS  A’s, B’s & Rarities 2005
422 Suddenly I See KT Tunstall  Eye To The Telescope 2004
423 Radar Love Golden Earring  Moontan 1973
424 Hyperactive! Thomas Dolby  The Flat Earth 1984
425 Get It On T.Rex  The Very Best Of T-Rex 2003
426 Chris Rea – Let’s Dance Chris Rea  New Light Through Old Windows 1988
427 Lido Shuffle Boz Scaggs  Silk Degrees (Bonus Tracks) 2007