Not Your Average Christmas Music

Coming on Radio Free D’ni: Not your average Christmas music show.

There may be a steamroller, from Mannheim, no less. A little Wassail, something from Canada, France and Yorkshire. Something Glorious from Vivaldi. And a blythesome turkey. How can you miss that?

Never a dull moment. All rights reserved, may contain nuts. Thinking about it, almost certain to contain nuts. But very entertaining ones…

Come and join us on the plaza on Sunday 11th December at 13 KI (that’s 1 pm US Mountain Time, or 8 pm UK time, 9 pm European time), or in Second Life visit TJ’s Dance Hall where Ainia DaFente will host the rebroadcast into SL. Or just use the links at the top of the page to listen, but you’ll miss out on the text chat on the plaza if you do.

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MOUL folks can meet us on the plaza and exchange text chat with Ed, Mal and me