242 MOULa 14th Anniversary

A show for the 14th anniversary of Myst Online: Uru Live again, taking the theme of Ivory, opal and Dahlias, and doing our best with as limited selection of tracks.  Even expanding it to include elephants didn’t help too much.  However, I just added a few favourite Myst-related tracks to the final part of the show, ones that were danceable, and it seemed to work quite well 🙂

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116R Focus

A remastered show of Hugh’s, with some additions as the original was a little short.  The band’s heyday was in the Seventies, but they have kept going (with the occasional break) and we featured music from the full discography.   Topped out at 17 listeners, this time.

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241 John Cale in the Seventies

A collection assembled by Hugh of the Welsh musician, composer and producer John Cale’s work during the Seventies.  This was the period after he’d left the Velvet Underground and made a number of solo albums, often dark, sometimes esperimental and discordant, always interesting.  The preshow was Cale tracks from the Velvet Underground, and the postshow tracks were producec by Cale in the Seventies.

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113R Can

Krautrock pioneers, and wonderfully eccentric with it, Can or rather CAN from the Seventies, mostly, with a reunion in the late Eighties. A fascinating selection of music, never mainstream but always interesting, assembled by Hugh, who joined us for the show.

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240 Lost in 2023

Our annual season-opener, looking at musicians who’ve gone to their reward in the year gone by.  Lots of big names this time, making it difficult to choose the playlist.  Hope we did well enough for you.

As promised, a link to the Rick Beato podcast on Jeff Beck is below.

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112R Jon Hiseman

Our first show of the new year, and a look at the career of drummer Jon Hiseman, covering the two Colosseum groups, Tempest, The United Jazz + Rock Ensemble, JCM and more.

17 listeners at one point, a good start to the year.

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239 A Brush With The Blues

A show assembled by Hugh with pre and postshow content from Malaclypse, both of them fans of the Blues.  Preshow was vintage Blues recordings, and the main show took us through some modern blues performances, from a wide variety of backgrounds, indicating how pervasive the Blues is.

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110R Jack Bruce In Performance

Another one curated by Hugh for us, bassist, singer and songwriter Jack Bruce in live performances after the dissolution of Cream, the supergroup that made him famous.

Some problems with links to the broadcast server meant that connections were difficult for our listeners.  It should be fixed by next week.

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053R Rarities and What-if’s 6

A varied selection of tracks for a show that ended up on Thanksgiving weekend, but still managed 15 listeners.    Slighlty more “novelty” records than usual, but they do fall into the Rarities section rather well.

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