236 Fire!

A show for broadcast on November 5th, which is Bonfire Night in the UK, when bonfires and fireworks are indulged in.   Having a theme of fire produced a very large number of candidate tracks, and they were reduced to one two-hour show with enough left over for another, so we’ll do this again.

Complete with exposition and explanation of the whole Gunpowder Plot, Guy Fawkes thing including burning figures in effigy – no longer the Pope, we are relieved to say.

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104R The Who, part I

Covering the period from their first releases up to the death of Keith Moon, we began with some early-ish single releases including The Ox, an Entwistle showcase using his nickname.  A long main show – well, there was a lot to cover – and finishing with some live bonus tracks from The Who By Numbers.  A good solid show, though I say it myself.

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234 By The Book, Chapter 3

The third in our occasional series of music with literary inspirations, assembled by Hugh with some new performances for our ears.  The preshow tracks all had “book” in the title, and the postshow ones “read”.

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103R Cream

A good attendance for a late summer show, and a good time was had.  I had to cry off with very little notice due to a mixup in arrangements for my son’s birthday, which had been rearranged as an evening meal instead of the lunchtime/afternoon pub meal and etc that I had expected.  Malaclypse and Root Beer held the fort magnificently.

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233 Santana, 1977 – 88

The second of our review of the history of Santana, the band and the musician, covering the late Seventies and the bulk of the Eighties.  A certain amount of generic Eighties sound inevitably crept in, but Carlos’ guitar was always distinctive.

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