029R Tangerine Dream Remastered

An excellent and well-attended show, and something different with eighties Tangerine Dream helping everyone to relax in these trying times.  The show was first broadcast in 2015, and the content was provided by our friend Janeerah.  The notes were revised and updated to take account of the passage of time.  The preshow was Jan’s selection of other favourite electronic/ambient artists.


Title Artists Album Year
Long Step David Schombert METROPOLIS 2009
14 31 Global Communication 76:14 1997
The Parting of Ways Kit Watkins The Gathering 2001
Open Horizons Max Corbacho Neochron OST 2002
The Lounge Philter NRK P3 Urørt 2010
Green River Passage Thom Brennan Mountains 1987
Entrelacs Uman Chaleur Humaine 1992

Main Show

Cherokee Lane Tangerine Dream Encore 1977
Desert Dream Tangerine Dream Encore 1977
Kiew Mission Tangerine Dream Exit 1981
Exit Tangerine Dream Exit 1981
Mojave Plan Tangerine Dream White Eagle 1982
White Eagle Tangerine Dream White Eagle 1982
No Man’s Land Tangerine Dream Hyperborea 1993
Hyperborea Tangerine Dream Hyperborea 1993
Twenty Nine Palms Tangerine Dream Lily on the Beach 1989
Electric Lion Tangerine Dream Melrose 1990


Remote Viewing Tangerine Dream Exit 1981
Sun Gate Tangerine Dream Sun Gate 1988
Convention of the 24 Tangerine Dream White Eagle 1982
Midnight In Tula Tangerine Dream White Eagle 1982
Network Tangerine Dream Exit 1981