028R Passport Remastered

A very fine show, only slightly modified from the original 2015 broadcast in content, but with substatially updated notes by our very own Malaclypse.  Who had contacted Klaus Doldinger before the show, asking for his thoughts on the content and the notes.  Doldinger’s reply was an approval, and a wish to join us on the commentary channel, but he could not as he was already commited to playing live at that time.  A strong incentive for us to put together a part 2 show, for which there is a huge amount of content that we could not include in this one.


Track Artists Album Year
Morning Sun Passport Infinity Machine 1976
Hand Made Passport Hand Made 1973
Allegory Passport Oceanliner 1979
Radiation Passport Blue Tattoo 1987
Night Delighter Passport Earthborn 1982

Main Show

Uranus Passport Passport 1972
The Cat From Katmandu Passport Second Passport 1972
Proclamation Passport Hand Made 1973
Thing To Come Passport Looking Thru 1974
Morning Sun Passport Lifelike 1980
Guna Guna Passport Lifelike 1980
Louisiana Passport Ataraxia 1978
Uptown Rendezvous Passport Oceanliner 1979
Daybreak Delight Passport Blue Tattoo 1981
New moon Passport Earthborn 1982
In The Eye Of The Storm Passport Man In The Mirror 1983
Auryn Passport Running In Real Time 1985
It’s Magic Passport Heavy Nights 1986
Up Front Passport Talk Back 1988
Balance of Happiness Klaus Doldinger’s Passport Balance of Happiness 1990
Blues Roots Passport Blues Roots 1991
Passport’s In the House Passport Down to Earth 1993
A Night At Kippie’s Passport Passport To Paradise 1996
One Size Fits All Passport Move 1998
Boogie Passport Back to Brazil 2003
Dark Flame Passport Inner Blue 2011
Seven to Four Passport En Route 2015
Infusion Rag Passport En Route 2015
Soul Town Passport Motherhood 2020


Abracadabra Klaus Doldinger’s Passport Doldinger 2016
Talk Back Passport Talk Back 1988
Walkin’ On Air Passport Man In The Mirror 1983
Bahia Praia Passport Heavy Nights 1986
Idgo Now Passport Blues Roots 1991
Wanderlust Passport Move 1998
Barma Soussandi Passport To Morocco 2006
Dreaming Far Away Passport En Route 2015