030R Canterbury Scene

A thoroughly revised show from its first outing drew a good audience and some approval from our cavern crowd.  Caravan having been covered already, were eliminated from the main show, and some of my newer acquisitions filled the gaps more than adequately.


Title Artist Album Year
In the Land of Grey & Pink Caravan All Over You 1997
Supertwister Camel Mirage 1974
Winter Wine Caravan In the Land of Grey and Pink 1971
Present From Nancy Supersister Present From Nancy 1970
Higher Supersister To The Highest Bidder 1971
Tell Me Camel Rain Dances 1977
Highways of the Sun Camel Rain Dances 1977

Main Show

Impotence (version one) The Wilde Flowers Best Of: Tales Of Canterbury 1994
A Girl Named You Supersister To The Highe$t Bidder 1971
Instant Kitten Matching Mole Matching Mole 1972
Flora Fidgit Matching Mole Matching Mole’s Little Red Record 1972
Let’s Eat (Real Soon) Hatfield And The North Hatfield & The North 1973
Mandrake Gong Shamal 1975
Share It Hatfield And The North The Rotters’ Club 1975
Hazard Profile Part 5 Soft Machine Bundles 1975
Land Of The Bag Snake Soft Machine Bundles 1975
Shadows Of Gong Gazeuse! 1978
Metrognome Camel Rain Dances 1977
One of These Days I’ll Get an Early Night Camel Rain Dances 1977
Darker Brighter Gilgamesh Another Fine Tune You’ve Got Me Into 1978
Crosscurrents Gong Downwind 1979
What You Know Gong Downwind 1979
Portrait of a Shrinking Man National Health D.S. al Coda 1981
Black Hat National Health D.S. al Coda 1981
Panoramania Soft Machine Land Of Cockayne 1981
Cloak and Dagger Man Camel Stationary Traveller 1984
West Berlin Camel Stationary Traveller 1984
Dodgy Boat Allan Holdsworth Wardenclyffe Tower 1992


Adiemus Adiemus Songs of Sanctuary 1995
Skylines Camel Rain Dances 1977
Heavy Tune Gong Expresso II 1978
Sly Monkey Soft Machine Land Of Cockayne 1981
The Sixteen Men of Tain Allan Holdsworth The Sixteen Men of Tain 2000
A.A. Man Caravan Back To Front 1982