037R Vangelis Remastered

A revitilised version of the show that Janeerah put together five years ago.  New notes and a couple of new track to extend the show to a full two hours.

Very well received, with 27 listners at one point, and holding more than 22 for the whole show.


Title Artists Album Year
O3 Pictures of You Fahrenheit 2008
Nairam Kit Watkins The Gathering Set 1 2008
A Night In A Holy Place Uman You Are Here 1999
State Of Independence Jon And Vangelis The Friends of Mr Cairo 1981
Theme from Cosmos Vangelis Best in Space 1994

Main Show

Needles and Bones Vangelis Heaven and Hell 1975
Pulstar Vangelis Albedo 0.39 1976
Beauborg Excerpt Vangelis Beauborg 1978
Chung Kuo Vangelis China 1979
Rêve Vangelis Opéra sauvage 1979
I Can’t Take It Any More Vangelis See You Later 1980
The Friends of Mr. Cairo Jon and Vangelis The Friends of Mr. Cairo 1981
Antarctica Theme Vangelis Antarctica 1983
Movement 2 Vangelis Soil Festivities 1984
Movement 4 Vangelis Mask 1985
Message Vangelis Direct 1988
Main Titles – Blush Response Vangelis Blade Runner 1982
Conquest of Paradise Vangelis 1492 – The Conquest of Paradise 1992
Twenty-Eighth Parallel Vangelis 1493 – The Conquest of Paradise 1992
Ask The Mountains Vangelis Voices 1995
Movement V Vangelis El Greco 1998


Movement 1 Vangelis Soil Festivities 1984
To the Unknown Man Vangelis Spiral 1977