174 Scandinavian Prog

A very fine show indeed, thanks to Hugh and Martin.  Made a few converts, I think.  Also at least one person who asked about Doctor Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, a Joss Whedon show which I loved and would recommend to all people who like his work.


Title Artists Album Year
Quo Vadis 1 Life Life 1971
Halcyon Days Tages Tages, 1964-68! 1983
Fantasy Island Tages Tages, 1964-68! 1983
Seeing With Love Tages Tages, 1964-68! 1983
Fairyport Wigwam Fairyport 1971
Gray Traitors Wigwam Fairyport 1971
The First Morning Pekka Pohjola B the Magpie 1974
Wanderlust Björk Volta 2007

Main Show

Winter’s a Bummer Made In Sweden Made In England 1970
If You Ask Me Day of Phoenix Wide Open N-Way 1970
Big City [Extended Version] Bo Hansson Magician’s Hat [Bonus Tracks] 1974
I Want the Rest of My Life Surrounded with Money Burnin Red Ivanhoe Canal Trip 1972
Blazing Lace Secret Oyster Secret Oyster 1973
Path of Your Dream Aunt Mary Aunt Mary/Janus 2006
For All Eternity Aunt Mary Aunt Mary/Janus 2006
The Invasion Ache Green Man 1971
One of Us Life Life 1971
Ace of Spades Heavy Joker Heavy Joker 1976
Heavy Joke Heavy Joker Heavy Joker 1976
Kompet Går Terje Rypdal Torino Jazz Festival 2018
Lifetime Of A Journey Kaipa Keyholder 2003
World of the Void Kaipa Sattyg 2014
Ending Credits Opeth Damnation 2003
Will O The Wisp Opeth Sorceress 2016
The Flower King The Flower Kings The Road Back Home Disc 2 2007


Where Earth Meets the Sky The Power Of Two Karmakanic & Agents of Mercy – Live USA 2010
Astral Dog/ Hellhound Circus Brimstone BrimStoned In Europe 2005