0151R Electric Folk Remastered

A show I remasterd in terms of the script, but the content remained unchanged.  I was tempted, but I’m glad I didn’t succumb.  Very well attended, max 25, 19 for most of the show – more than we had for the first broadcast 🙂  Very gratifying.


Warning.  Do not listen to the lyrics from Hokey Pokey if you are of delicate constitutiuon.

Title Artists Album Year
Ordinary Man Christy Moore Ordinary Man 1989
Hokey Pokey (The Ice Cream Song) Richard & Linda Thompson Hokey Pokey 1974
Late on Lady Day Decameron Mammoth Special 1974
Benedictus Strawbs Grave New World 1972
The Cocktail Cowboy Dave Pegg The Cocktail Cowboy Goes it Alone 1984
Broomfield Hill The Albion Band Stella Maris 1987
The Big Wheel Runrig The Big Wheel 1991

Main Show

Barkbrödslåten Kebnekajse Kebnekajse II 1973
Gallows Pole Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin III 1970
Rock Harp Alan Stivell Back to Breizh 2000
McConnell’s Rant Shooglenifty Troots 2007
Bourrée Malicorne Colin 1974
Ceth’s Dance Bleizi Ruz Musiques Et Danses De Bretagne 1973
Pinch Of Snuff Five Hand Reel For A’that 1977
Kickdancer Donal Lunny Coolfin 1998
Kalyope Driver Dando Shaft Reaping the Harvest 1990
Galo Galan Xosé M Budiño Zume de Terra 2004
Moyasta Junction Davy Spillane Shadow Hunter 1990
Hoch Geiht De See De Drangdüwels Hold Fast 2003
Hamborger Veermaster De Drangdüwels Ahoi 2010
De Duun Matros De Drangdüwels Hold Fast 2003
Fährmann (Ferryman) Godewind Moin Moin 1980
Made In Freesland Godewind Made in Freesland 1986
Achter Dünen und Diek Godewind Achter Dünen und Diek 1991
Buachaill an Éirne Clannad Macalla 1985
Tobar an tSaoil (Well of Life) Clannad Nádúr 2013
Turning Tide Clannad Sirius 1987
Rollo, der Wikinger Torfrock …dat matscht so schön 1977
Omas Ludvig Hedningarna fiRe 1996
The Cuckoo Hedgehog Pie Just Act Normal 1978
The Knife Edge Richard Thompson Strict Tempo! 1981
Hanging Off The Edge Whapweasel Pack Of Jokers 2005
The Crowded River Runrig The Big Wheel 1991
The Road To Venezuela Stackridge Pinafore Days 1974
Tobermory Capercaillie Dusk Till Dawn, The Best Of Capercallie 2000


Dancing Decameron Third Light 1975
Bjork’s Chauffeur Shooglenifty Solar Shears 2001
Gaol Song The Oyster Band Step Outside 1986
Hero and Heroine Strawbs Hero and Heroine 1973
Hal-an-Tow The Oyster Band Step Outside 1986
Rock And Roll Away Decameron Third Light, Tomorrow’s Pantomime 1975
Level Pegging Dave Pegg The Cocktail Cowboy Goes it Alone 1984
An Dro Nevez Alan Stivell Chemins de terre 1974