182 Wigwam

We were Finnished.  But we managed to recover, and broadcast this show which concentrates on Finnish Prog Rock Band Wigwam.  An education to several of us in the Radio Free D’ni team, too.

Preshow – live tracks

Title Artists Album Year
Chest Fever Wigwam Fresh Garbage 2000
King Harvest (Has Surely Come) Wigwam Fresh Garbage 2000
The Moon Struck One Wigwam Live Music from the Twilight Zone 1975
Imagine Wigwam Fresh Garbage 2000

Main Show

Luulosairas Wigwam Hard N’ Horny 1969
Pidan Sinusta Wigwam Hard N’ Horny 1969
Hard and Horny All-Niter Wigwam Hard N’ Horny 1969
Milk Round in the Morning Wigwam Hard N’ Horny 1969
Frederick & Bill Wigwam Tombstone Valentine 1970
Losing Hold Wigwam Fairyport 1971
Fairyport Wigwam Fairyport 1971
Gray Traitors Wigwam Fairyport 1971
Caffkaff, the Country Psychologist Wigwam Fairyport 1971
May Your Will Be Done Dear Lord Wigwam Fairyport 1971
Nipistys Wigwam Fresh Garbage 2000
Proletarian Wigwam Being 1974
Inspired Machine Wigwam Being 1974
Pedagogue Wigwam Being 1974
Do or Die Wigwam Nuclear Nightclub 1975
Pigstorm Wigwam Nuclear Nightclub 1975
Colossus Wigwam The Lucky Golden Stripes and Starpose 1976
Grass for Blades Wigwam Dark Album 1977
Tosi Aatteiden Riemusta Jukka Gustavson Toden Toistoa 1981
End Wigwam Tombstone Valentine 1970


Elements Jukka Tolonen Tolonen! 1971
Carnival Jukka Tolonen Band Carnival 1997
The Mathematician’s Air Display Pekka Pohjola The Mathematician’s Air Display 1977
Yesterday’s Games Part IV Espoo Big Band feat. Pekka Pohjola Yesterday’s Games by Pekka Pohjola 2014