44 Rarities and What-Ifs, Part V

Broadcast 29th May, 2016

The pre-show and post-show selections were put together from earlier shows on Radio Free D’ni. As usual with our Rarities and What-If bits, the music presented was quite diverse.

Name Artist Album Year
2112 Rush 2112 1976
Rock Steady Woman Mark Knopfler & Dave Edmunds Rock Masters: Roller Coaster 2005
A Horse with No Name America (single) 1972
Timewhys Tonto’s Expanding Head Band Zero Time 1971
Rock And Roll Jerry Lee Lewis Last Man Standing 2006
Indian Child Link Wray Indian Child 1993
Are ‘Friends’ Electric Tubeway Army Replicas 1979
The Runaway Gentle Giant In a Glass House 1973
On Parole Motörhead On Parole 1979
Slipping Away Dave Edmunds I Hear You Rocking 1993
Paranoimia The Art of Noise (single) 1986
Chuck E’s in Love Rickie Lee Jones Rickie Lee Jones 1979
5.06 AM (Every Strangers Eyes) Roger Waters The Pros And Cons Of HitchHiking 1983
Let’s Go Away For Awhile The Beach Boys Pet Sounds 1966
Jig-A-Jig East of Eden Snafu 1970
Breaking Through The Hellecasters Hell III: New Axes to Grind 1997
Jeff’s Blues Yardbirds (single) 1965
Soup Of The Day Chris Rea Espresso Logic 1993
Rag Mama Rag The Band The Band 1969
Rubber Monkey Santa Barbara Machine Head Blues Anytime Vol. 3 1968
Sweet Transvestite The Cast The Rocky Horror Picture Show 1975
Holy Smoke Iron Maiden No Prayer for the Dying 1990

Despite this having been broadcast on a U.S. national holiday, we got a pretty good attendance.