37 Vangelis

Broadcast 21st February 2016

Inspiration failed to descend for me, and our friend Janeerah helped out with a set of electronic music featuring Vangelis. His full name is Evangelos Odysseas Papathanassiou, and he first become known in Europe as part of an all-Greek prog rock band Aphrodite’s Child (which had Demis Roussos on vocals) before going solo around 1973.

Vangelis plays almost all the instruments on his albums and he also composes all the tracks, despite being unable to read or write music.  He composes on the keyboard, recording to a multi-track tape machine, and recording the ideas as they come to him, using many different keyboards for each idea.

Edison was once again away from his mixing desk and AlanDJ broadcast the show


Title Artists Album Year
101 O2 Fahrenheit  Pictures of You 2008
102 Nairam Kit Watkins  The Gathering Set 1 2008
103 A Night In A Holy Place Uman You Are Here 1999

The Show

201 Needles and Bones Vangelis  Heaven and Hell 1975
202 Pulstar Vangelis  Albedo 0.39 1976
203 Beauborg Excerpt Vangelis  Beauborg 1978
204 Chung Kuo Vangelis  China 1979
205 Reve Vangelis  Reve 1979
206 I Can’t Take It Any More Vangelis  See You Later 1980
207 The Friends of Mr. Cairo Jon and Vangelis  The Friends of Mr. Cairo 1981
208 Antarctica Theme Vangelis  Antarctica 1983
209 Soil Festivities 2 Vangelis  Soil Festivities 1984
210 Elsewhere Vangelis  Mask 1985
211 Message Vangelis  Direct 1988
212 Blade Runner Vangelis  Blade Runner 1982
213 Ask The Mountains (vocals Stina Nordenstam) Vangelis  Voices 1995
214 El Greco Vangelis  El Greco 1998


301 Soil Festivities 1 Vangelis  Soil Festivities 1984