Connections II: the connections

The connections from the show:

Dire Straits (Terry Williams on drums) → Rockpile (Williams with Dave Edmunds) → Dave Edmunds → Dave Edmunds with Mark Knopfler (who was the front man of Dire Straits) → John Fogerty with Mark Knopfler (Kenny Aronoff on drums, who also filled in for Dave Mattacks a few times) → Steeleye Span (Dave Mattacks on drums) → Chris Rea (Dave Mattacks on drums) → Chris Rea with Elton John → Olivia Newton-John with Elton John → Olivia Newton-John with ELO → ELO (Jeff Lynne guitar/vocals) → Traveling Wilburys (Jeff Lynne guitar/vocals, Jim Keltner drums) → Pink Floyd (Jim Keltner drums on 1987 album).

Back to Jeff Lynne: first solo album produced by Dave Edmunds → Dion (1989 album produced and guitars by Edmunds, Terry Williams drums) → Man (Terry Williams drums), bringing us back to our starting point.

Back to Dave Mattacks: Fairport Convention → Richard Thompson (John Kirkpatrick accordion) → Steeleye Span (Kirkpatrick accordion, Maddy Prior vocals) → Jethro Tull (Maddy Prior vocals on 1976 album).

And the next bunch of connections will therefore most likely be focused on Ian Anderson/Jethro Tull.

On a side note, Terry Williams and Dave Edmunds have worked together since 1970 when Williams replaced Bob „Congo“ Jones on drums with Edmunds’ band Love Sculpture, and has played on many Edmunds solo albums, as well as with the other members of Rockpile (Nick Lowe, Billy Bremner). We would have loved to explore those connections a bit further, but since we only have 2 hours of air time per show, we stuck to the stuff farther afield. Edmunds also produced the first demos of Motörhead, and there will be quite a bunch of seemingly weird connections from Jethro Tull, some back to the English Electric Folk scene, which could well rate its own Connections show in the future.

And an apology to all those who want more Connections shows (we heard you…), these shows unfortunately require a particularly large amount of research, so they will be spaced out a little. There will be more, though.