Connections I: The Clapton Complex

Our next show will be “Connections,” taking a look at how musicians, producers, songwriters etc. are interconnected behind the scenes and across the decades, with probably quite a few surprises in there. As a friend and former singer for one of my bands put it, “it’s all one cantankerous family…”

Update July 22, 2016: the playlist and notes are done, earlier than I expected, but what a trip through the history of Rock, and we got diverted into a few unexpected directions. I predict this is going to be a very interesting show!


Radio Free D’ni
Just to add some extra details:  show starts at 13 KI (8pm UK, 9 pm Central European Time) ( KI time is Mountain Time in the US) with preshow music for at least 30 minutes before so you can all find the channel.
It will start with a Rolling Stones track and progress from there. Eric Clapton does feature in a few places … Come and listen and all will be revealed 😀